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Announcing Fellowships and Grants for 2008-2009

Master's Fellowships

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship - Ellen K. Knowles (Omicron Beta Epsilon) - University of Southern California - Historic Preservation

Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship - Shannon Beth Wanless (Omicron Lambda) - Oregon State University - Human Development & Family Sciences

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship - Virginia M. Quick (Omicron Beta Alpha) - Rutgers University - Community Nutrition

Research/Project Grant

New Initiatives Grant - Carol Darling, Ming Cui, Shridhar Sathe, Marsha Rehm - Florida State University - Adolescent Health and Well-being: The Role of Overindulgent Parenting

Special Undergraduate Scholarship

LeaderShape Institute - Amanda Allegra (Omicron Beta Epsilon) - CSU-Northridge

Special Professional Award

New Orleans Learning Inquiry with Margaret Wheatley - Barbara McFall (Omicron Beta Zeta) - West Virginia University

Top Fundraising Team

Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter at Eastern Illinois University earned $3,315 for the
Relay for Life conducted April 18 & 19, 2008. 



 Available Fall July 2008

    African American Women:

  Contributions to the

 Human Sciences

 Editors: Julia R. Miller, Dorothy I. Mitstifer, & Gladys G. Vaughn

 Sponsors: Kappa Omicron Nu & Coalition for Black Development
in Family and Consumer Sciences

This book documents the significant contributions of African American women who have contributed to the specializations within the profession and to administration of programs in higher education and extension, among others. Many of these women have been pacesetters in serving not only academic programs, especially in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but also African American families and communities.

For further information, contact:

Kappa Omicron Nu
PO Box 798,
Okemos, MI 48805-0798
(727) 940-2658 ext. 2003

An Expression of Sympathy

Zoom In

Our thoughts are with Omicron Beta Gamma Chapter
(Northern Illinois University) and Omicron Alpha Nu Chapter 
(Auburn University) during this time of loss and sadness.

Kappa Omicron Nu Chapters
Kappa Omicron Nu Board of Directors

Kappa Omicron Nu Publishes New Book

Transformative Practice: New Pathways to Leadership
Author Sue L. T. McGregor makes the argument that individuals,
organizations, and entire professions must evolve and adapt if they
are to effectively serve the common good within an increasingly
imbalanced and volatile global environment.  

See Order formMore description  Preface

Announcing 2007 Kappa Omicron Nu Election Results

Second Vice Chair -         Kathleen O'Rourke, Eastern Illinois University

Nominating Committee - Virginia Clark Johnson, North Dakota State University
                                         Kitty Coffey, Carson-Newman College
                                         Frances Shipley, Northwest Missouri State University

Editorial Committee -      Julia Dinkins, USDA
                                         Jackie Jensen, Eastern Kentucky University

Announcing Volume 17, Issue 2, Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM on 
Higher Education Program Viability

Analysis to Determine Canadian, American, and Australian Agreement about Home Economics/Family & Consumer Sciences Professional Competency Domains

 by Sue L. T. McGregor & Anne J. MacCleave

Announcing Expansion of Marjorie M. Brown Fellowship Program

Four Classifications of Awards Are Available to continue Brown's philosophical work using critical social theory

  • Dissertation Award

  • Award to Tenure Track Assistant Professors to support research agenda

  • Award to Associate Professors or Professors seeking support for the design and implementation of a a graduate course that teaches a critical science research approach

  • Distinguished Professor Award that recognizes and rewards the use of critical social theory in scholarship and research

Scroll down to Brown Fellowship Program at Fellowship and Grants

Announcing New Media Presentations

Reflective Human Action

Framing Issues

Wicked Problems

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Announcing New Kappa Omicron Nu Publication

Positioning the Profession Beyond Patriarchy

by Donna Pendergast and Sue L. T. McGregor

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Download here

Announcing 2007-2009 Kappa Omicron Nu Student Board Members

Jamie Bauerle - Omicron Theta Chapter, Kansas State University

Rebecca (Becky) Ferguson - Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University

Dixie McGary - Kappa Alpha Chapter, Northwest Missouri State University

2007 Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences
Undergraduate Research Awards

Mary Ellen Herndon - Baylor University
The Effect of Using an Egg White Based Egg Substitute in Muffins

Ayisha Thompson - University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
College Student's Perception of Clothing that Projects a Professional Image

2007 Emerging Scholars Awards

Jessica Erin Davis - Auburn University - Human Science Award
Curcumin Down-Regulates Key Gluconeogenic Gene Expression in Hep3B Human Hepatoma Cells

Amy Hendricks - Michigan State University - Global Research Award
Preparation of an Extruded Bean-corn Mixture to Rehabilitate Malnourished Children in Tanzania

Sarah Maurer - Eastern Illinois University - Social Justice Award
Social Disadvantage and Child and Family Resilience in South Africa

These awards were granted for presentations at the 2007 Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Institute and
Undergraduate Research Conference, Dallas, Texas.

Other Presenters:

Lauren Darr - Baylor University
The Darr Family: Family Genogram Analysis Paper

Molly Hammar & Rachel Rogers - Bradley University
Influences on Cookware Choices of Young Adults

Jennifer Marquez - Baylor University
The Effect on Quality Characteristics in Yeast Bread Rolls When Substituting Rice Flour for All-purpose
Flour at Two Levels

Elizabeth McCallum - University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Leaving a Lasting Impression on the Lives of Elementary School Students at the Seton Center
After-School Program: A Service Learning Project

Chapter Award of Excellence - 2005-2006

First Place - Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College

Second Place - Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University

Third Place - Kappa Beta Phi Chapter, Mississippi State University

Chapter Award of Excellence - 2006-2007

First Place - Kappa Alpha Chapter, Northwest Missouri State University
                   Omicron Alpha Beta Chapter, University of Maine

Third Place - Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University

Standards for Evaluating Resources for Citations

How do you evaluate the authority and appropriateness of resources, including books, articles, and
Websites? This document addresses these issues and provides guidelines for authors for Kappa
Omicron Nu and Undergraduate Research Community publications.

See Standards

Submission Deadline Extended to August 15, 2007

Call for Papers: International Issues: Discussion, Theories, Research


Announcing Fellowships and Grants for 2007-2008

Master's Fellowships

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship - Susanna K. Scott, CUNY-Hunter College - Public Health

National Alumni Fellowship - Jessie Adala, Florida State University - Merchandising

Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship - David A. Olds, Kansas State University - Foodservice and
Hospitality Management

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship - Gunnur Karkurt, Purdue University - Marriage and Family Therapy

Research/Project Grant

New Initiatives Grant - Marsha Rehm, Florida State University - The Role of Spirituality in FCS Career
Experience: An Exploration of the Narratives of Diverse FCS Professionals

Special Undergraduate Scholarship

LeaderShape Institute - Katerina Martin, Washington State University-Vancouver

2006 Kappa Omicron Nu Election

Chair-Elect - Dr. Sammie G. Garner, Appalachian State University

First Vice Chair - Dr. Deborah Tippett, Meredith College

Secretary - Dr. Barbara Frazier, Western Michigan University

Editorial Committee - Dr. Carol Kellett, Kansas State University
                                    Dr. Julia Miller, Michigan State University

Nominating Committee - Dr. Sue Bailey, Tennessee Tech University
                                         Dr. Janet Pope, Louisiana Tech University

Kappa Omicron Nu Publishes New Book

Transformative Practice: New Pathways to Leadership
Author Sue L. T. McGregor makes the argument that individuals,
organizations, and entire professions must evolve and adapt if they
are to effectively serve the common good within an increasingly
imbalanced and volatile global environment.  

See Order formMore description 

Announcing Publication

Qualities of Living: A Platform for Progress - Author Barbara S. McFall offers an approach for defining
and measuring quality of living for the purpose of expanding the focus on quality of living as the desired
outcome of practice. This monograph describes a matrix that includes physical, mental, and emotional
well-being and dimensions of intellectual, organizational, social, material, natural, and financial
satisfactions. This approach could position Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences at the center
of key societal issues involving quality of living, creating value among interested stakeholders. An
annual measure of quality of living developed from this understanding would reliably identify emerging
and met needs, establishing control of the quality-of-living agenda. More

Announcing Critical Science Research Fellow

Yvonne S. Gentzler of Iowa State University was recently designated a Kappa Omicron Nu Critical
Science Research Fellow and awarded a grant of $6,000 for development of the critical science course:
"Advanced Philosophical Critique of Trends, Issues, and Public Policy" to be taught during Summer 2006
in the FCS Education Leadership Academy at Iowa State University. 

Francine Hultgren of the University of Maryland and Janet Laster, professor emeritus, of the Ohio
State University were recently designated as Kappa Omicron Nu Critical Science Research Fellows and
awarded grants of $1,500 for presentation at the Summer 2006 critical science summit.

Kappa Omicron Nu Scholarships

Now is the time to invest in your FUTURE!  You are invited to consider the WII internship program.
Kappa Omicron Nu students receive a $500 scholarship.

Students have told us that their semester in Washington was a life-changing experience.  One of our
Summer 2005 interns said, "My summer internship was the most fulfilling experience.  Working
through WII gave me the extra guidance I needed to make the most of my opportunity."  

There are several reasons for WII to be your first choice.

  • Internships - Placements in all majors
  • Housing - Furnished apartments 
  • Leadership Development - Leadership and career building activities  
  • Site Visits, Tours and Guest Lectures 

» Individualized, personal attention

    Because of our small size, we interact with all students personally and individually.  

» Economical package of services

    Our personalized internship placement, housing, student activities, and academic creditworthy
classes are not only unmatched in Washington, but also come at the lowest cost of all    DC programs.  

Experience has shown that WII can best meet your internship needs.  Apply today!

Washington Internship Institute
1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 201
Washington,  DC 20036-1921
(202) 833-8580
(800) 435-0770 toll-free
(202) 833-8581 fax

New name, same excellence... the Institute for Experiential Learning is now the Washington Internship
Institute!  Check out our new website at 

A Message for the New Year - Thriving in a World of Change

There is not an industry or profession that is not swamped with change. People come and go.
Regulations, standards, and new software can over-whelm every business and organization. There is
competition and ...... the stress is enormous. 

How about in your world? 

Constant change both thrills and threatens us. We love the new opportunities, but too often we end up
running as fast as we can just to stay even. New competitors, new tools and new skills challenge us
every week. Change is the constant in our world. 

Here's the thing: We want to grow and develop! We want new tools, new adventures and new
resources. Most of the time, we welcome change with open arms. But, sometimes It's just too much.
We've become infatuated with anything "new" whether it enriches our lives or not. 

Sometimes the "old" is good enough. Sometimes the familiar is more comfortable and actually more
effective. I have a friend who uses an old-fashioned slide-rule partly for the nostalgia, but also because
It's faster than doing calculations on his computer. Sometimes, the old is good. 

Here are three suggestions for thriving on change: 

1.  Maintain lots of "personal bandwidth." That means taking superb care of yourself! People who are
happy, healthy, and rested simply do better than people who are tired, hungry, stressed, or worried.
Practice extreme self-care. Maintain your personal bandwidth. 

2. Celebrate the Big Picture. Know what's going on and understand the context of your world.
Remember, some people lead, other's follow, and some just don't have a clue. Be a leader! And that
means seeing the big picture, knowing where your world is going, and being out in front. 

3. Invest in Tools. Knowledge and skills matter! The more you know about your industry and what's
happening (and who's leading), the more options you have. Remember, "leaders are readers." And I
love the quote from Buckminster Fuller: "You can't learn less." 

Our world is infatuated with anything "new" or "improved," and That's not going to change. What you
can control is your response to change. Master it! Learn skills for evaluating change. Learn to "respond"
rather than merely "reacting." Use change and growth and transformation to your advantage rather
than merely trying to hang on and endure! In 2006, make change (and growth!) your friend. Use it to
your advantage. 

Thrive in our world of Change!!! 

Start Winning EveryDay@, Robert Knowles []  - December 11, 2005.
Copyright 2003-2005, all rights reserved. U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1547-9919. 

Fellowships/Grants for 2006-2007

Master's - Omicron Nu Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship

Doctoral - Kappa Omicron Phi Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship
              - Omicron Nu Research Fellowship
              - Marjorie M. Brown Dissertation Fellowship

Research/Project Grants - National Alumni Chapter Grant
              - New Initiatives Grant

New KON Student Board Members (2005-07)

Tracey L. Bridges, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Deidra M. Cody, Berea College
Anita G. Coleman, Northwest Missouri State University

2005 Undergraduate Research Conference Presentation Awards (donor -
Council of Administrators for Family and Consumer Sciences)

Christine M. Clark, East Carolina University
Dixie McGary & Anita G. Coleman, Northwest Missouri State University

Other 2005 Undergraduate Research Conference Presenters: 

Tracey L. Bridges, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Deidra M. Cody, Berea College
Carolyn Kinsey, East Carolina University
Lauren Mechler, Baylor University
Joann E. Willis, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Kids & Careers in Human Sciences Program Award (2004-05)

Nu Iota Chapter, East Carolina University 

Adviser Award of Excellence (2005)

Diana D. Carroll, Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College

Chapter Award of Excellence (2003-04)

Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College
Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter, Eastern Illinois University
Kappa Beta Rho Chapter, East Tennessee State University
Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University

Chapter Award of Excellence (2004-05)

Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College
Kappa Delta Rho Chapter, Olivet Nazarene University
Kappa Beta Rho Chapter, East Tennessee State University
Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University
Nu Iota Chapter, East Carolina University

Announcing New Internship Scholarships

Washington Internship Institute

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
The Fund for American Studies

CAS Service-Learning Standards
The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education approved these standards in
April 2005.

Service-Learning Contextual Statement

CAS Honor Society Standards
The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education approved these standards in
April 2005.

ACHS Press Release
ACHS Cover Memo

2005-2006 Fellowship and Grant Awards

Omicron Nu Eileen C. Maddex Master's Fellowship
Jill Anne Pakulski, Teacher's College, Columbia University
"Jumping Jacks with Jill (food culture and exercise habits)"

National Alumni Master's Fellowship
Andrew J. Scherbarth, University of North Texas
"Psychological Abuse and Health: What Role Does Forgiveness Play?"

Kappa Omicron Phi Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship
Linda C. Manning, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Diversity Within: A Typology of First-Generation
Mexican-American Parenting"

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship
Jaya Halepete, Iowa State University
"Introduction of Personalization in Fair Trade Apparel"

Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiative Research Grant
Barbara S. McFall, West Virginia University
"Examining the AAFCS Body of Knowledge; Practitioner Alignment, Theoretical Inclusion, Congruity,
Consistency, and Utility"

Kappa Omicron Phi Dorothy I. Mitstifer Adviser Scholarships
Frances E. Andrews, University of Montevallo
Sue Ballard de Ruiz, Tennessee State University
Kendra Brandes, Bradley University
Barbara Brehm, East Carolina University
Diana Carroll, Carson-Newman College
Brenda Eissenstat, Penn State University
Beth Goudge, Northwest Missouri State University
Missale Kumelachew, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Lauren Leach, Northwest Missouri State University
Susan Linnenkohl, Marshall University
Kathleen O'Rourke, Eastern Illinois University
Kristine Ritz Coll, University of Delaware
Katrina Rivers Thompson, Berea College
Debra Sheats, College of St. Catherine
Janelle Walter, Baylor University

Nu Pi chapter introduced at CSUF - Induction Ceremony Photos

Announcing Election Results

  • Barbara S. McFall - Chair-Elect, 2005; Chair, 2006. 2007 - West Virginia University
  • Sammie G. Garner - First Vice Chair, 2005, 2006 - Appalachian State University
  • Angela Radford-Lewis - Secretary, 2005, 2006 - East Tennessee State University
  • Kathleen Rees - Editorial Committee - Texas A&M University-Kingsville
  • Carole Makela - Editorial Committee - Colorado State University
  • Paula K. Hartsfield - Nominating Committee - Jefferson City, MO
  • Karen Goebel - Nominating Committee - University of Wisconsin

Call for Authors

Julia R. Miller and Gladys Gary Vaughn in collaboration with Kappa Omicron Nu and the
Coalition for Black Development in Home Economics are undertaking a project to
document and recognize the outstanding contributions of African American Women to
the human sciences/family and consumer sciences/human ecology profession. The
project will result in a book entitled: African American Women: Contributions to the
Human Sciences.
Click here for further information

Heritage of Home Economics

Heritage of Home Economics - A presentation of the complete history of the
profession from 1840. Available as a download or on CD.

Announcing the $10,000 Kappa Omicron Nu Marjorie M. Brown Dissertation Fellowship Program

Ten awards will be granted, one annually if the criteria of the award are met.

  • Initial Award-$3,000 upon acceptance of the proposal and receipt of the institution's approval of the dissertation proposal, payable in two payments (with a 3-month interval) to the researcher.
  • Completion Award-$7,000 awarded upon completion of the dissertation and approval by the Award Committee that the purpose of the award had been achieved.

2004-2005 Doctoral Awards

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship
Christine M. Proulx
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"Employment and Family Life Experiences of Active Duty Military Women and Men in
Dual-Earner Marriages"

Kappa Omicron Phi Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship
Sara Beth Brubacher
Iowa State University
"Design Piracy and the Fashion Originators' Guild of America"

Announcing New Chapters

Nu Iota Chapter - East Carolina University - 2002
Nu Kappa Chapter - Penn State University-Altoona - 2002
Nu Lambda Chapter - Purdue University-Calumet - 2004
Nu Mu Chapter - Washington State University-Vancouver  - 2004
Nu Nu Chapter - Southern Utah University - 2004
Nu Xi Chapter - Youngstown State University - 2004
Nu Omicron Chapter - California University of Pennsylvania - 2005
Nu Pi Chapter - CSU-Fullerton - 2004


Hui-chun Huang, Kansas State University

"Factors Affecting Service Quality Perception and Residents- Behavioral Intention to
Utilize Foodservice in Assisted Living Facilities"—This research is integrative in nature
and makes connections across aging and nutrition.

Mira Ahn, Virginia Tech

"Older People's Attitudes toward Residential Technology: The Role of Technology in
Acting in Place"—This research is integrative in nature and makes connections across
aging and housing.

Melanie Crosby, University of Georgia

sizing Issues and Their Affects on the Emotional Adjustment Processes of Female
Study Abroad Students; A Cross-Cultural Study"—This research is integrative in
nature and makes connections across cultures regarding clothing and body image.

Amy Jensen, Grace Johnson, & Mary Reil, Northwest Missouri State University

"Gauging Northwest Missouri Residents on Sustainable Design Knowledge and
Practices"—This research is integrative in nature and makes connections across use of
technologies and resource development and sustainability.

Proposal for
National Coalition for Hispanic Development   
in the Human Sciences

2003 Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards: 

     Caren Rojas - Michigan State University
     Anita C. Nash - Texas Tech University

2003 Awards Announcement: 

Omicron Nu/Eileen C. Maddex Master's Fellowship
Jaime Schwartz, Nutritional Sciences
Rutgers University, Graduate School-New Brunswick

National Alumni Chapter Master's Fellowship
Maria S. Wong, Family Ecology, University of Utah

Kappa Omicron Phi/Hettie Margaret Anthony Doctoral Fellowship
Angella Young Eanes, Human Development & Family Studies
University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Omicron Nu Doctoral Research Fellowship
Christopher A. Taylor, Nutritional Sciences
Oklahoma State University

National Alumni Chapter Research Grant
Barbara Allison & Marsha Rehm, Family & Consumer Sciences Education
Florida State University

Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Research Grant
Sandra J. Bailey, Health & Human Development
Montana State University

Dorothy I. Mitstifer Conclave Scholarships for Advisers:

Sue Ballard de Ruiz, Tennessee State University
Barbara Brehm, East Carolina University
Amelia G. Brown
, East Tennessee State University
Diana D. Carroll, Carson-Newman College
Lauren Leach, Northwest Missouri State University
Linda Summers, Michigan State University
Janelle Walter
, Baylor University
Carmel White, Kansas State University
Allison Young, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Undergraduate Research Awards - Presenters at URC Conference

Kristi Christi, Emily Dettmer, Vicky Hilsabek, & Jill Stiens,  
Northwest Missouri State University
Tara Hacker, Kansas State University
Tiffany Rudolph & Sue Freeman, East Carolina University
Andrew Scherbarth, University of Nebraska
Arlesa Shephard, Ashland University
Angela Susnjar, Central Michigan University

Other Presenters at URC Conference

Erika Barnhart, East Carolina University
Ginny Byrd, Meredith College
Bree Dennis, Texas Tech University
Michael Kirtsos, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Anita Nash, Texas Tech University
Jill Pakulski, Penn State University
Caren Rojas, Michigan State University
Ana Stoyanova, Texas Tech University
Mia Wilson (for Geraldo Bray), Alabama A & M University

Announcing: Human Sciences Working Papers Archive

This Archive was initiated by the Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Academy to
fill an important niche--communication about working papers in the human
sciences community.

Announcing Paolucci Grants

Undergraduate Student Grants

Tanja C. Rothrauff - Penn State University-Altoona - A Comparison of American and Austrian
Adolescents' Attitudes toward Diversity - $1,250 

Annina Burns - Penn State University - The Nutrition Service Project - $1,250

Kristy Christy - Northwest Missouri State University - Feasibility Study of a Center for Family and
Cultural Enrichment at Northwest Missouri State University - $1,250

 Graduate Student Grants

Kim Y. Hiller - Michigan State University - Circle Craft: A Case Study Analysis of Handicraft
Cooperatives and Sustainability - $2,500

Shevaun D. Neupert - University of Arizona - Daily Stressors and Well-Being in Young Adults -

Young-A Lee - Michigan State University - Elderly Person's Quality of Life: Implication of Clothing
Satisfaction and Age Identity - $2,500

Kelly S. Manley - University of Georgia - The Role of Consumerism in Choosing Midwifery over
Traditional Obstetrical Care - $2,500

Melissa Gladwell - Virginia Tech - Building Intergenerational Community Capacity: 
A Strengths-Based Mode - $1,500

Jennifer Doty - Northern Illinois University - Primary Prevention of Eating Disturbances: An
Ecological Approach to Improving Body Image, Eating Attitudes, and Eating Behaviors in
Early Adolescence - $1,500

In conjunction with the publication of Beatrice Paolucci, Shaping Destiny through Everyday Life by
the Paolucci Book Committee and with the Fourth Paolucci Conference held at Michigan State
University, this research grant program was established through a grant to Kappa Omicron Nu from
the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to honor Beatrice Paolucci and to continue her work and philosophy.
Cross-specialization and integrative research was the priority for awards.

Reprint: Consumerism and Peace by Sue McGregor. Consumer Sciences Today, Autumn
2002, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 8-9.

Announcing New Book

Virginal Mothers, Groovy Chicks & Blokey Blokes: Re-thinking Home
Economics (and) Teaching Bodies
by Donna Pendergast, Kappa Omicron Nu
Fellow, The University of Queensland, Australia

Announcing New Book

Beatrice Paolucci (PDF): Shaping Destiny through Everyday Life by Margaret
M. Bubolz. A
word document is also available at Beatrice Paolucci.

Announcing: Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences

This online journal is designed to reflect excellent undergraduate research in the
human sciences.

Leadership for the Human Family: Reflective Human Action for a 
Culture of Peace

This monograph strives to illustrate how pre-service and in-service professional
socialization can be augmented with a peace perspective such that leaders are
socialized to see themselves as global citizens prepared to shape the future of
humanity via RHA leadership strategies. Kappa Omicron Nu is honored to feature the
scholarship and research of
KON Fellow, Sue McGregor.

Reflective Human Action: a Web-based course sponsored by Kappa Omicron Nu

Resources for Administrators

Self-Managed Mentoring: a Web-based course sponsored by Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) Honor Society and dedicated to the mission of empowering leaders


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