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Undergraduate Research Links:

Council for Undergraduate Research - 2005 & 2006 conferences
Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory
URC Undergraduate Research Journal
URC APA Guidelines
URC Undergraduate Research Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1
URC Undergraduate Research Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 2
URC Undergraduate Research Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1
URC Undergraduate Research Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 1

Undergraduate Research Community


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Graduate Schools: offers directories of graduate and post-graduate programs, free of charge to all prospective students. This site contains thousands of programs listed by curriculum, including: descriptions, contact information, and academic program advertising. To find specific academic areas go to See also

Online Master's Degree Programs - searchable databases:

Guide to online PhD programs:

Online Schools:

Graduate and Undergraduate Degree programs from Benedictine University (

Teacher Education Degree Programs:

Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program

Online Degree & Education Reference Guide offers academic references, resources, and information.

Undergraduate Degrees and Schools:

Hospitality Management Schools: List of Accredited Online College Degree Programs & Online Degrees Guide Searchable online school database

College Grant Resource Guide

College Resource Guide 

Associate Degree Programs

Free Scholarship Search Links and other college resource search tools

Travel Guide for Studying Abroad

Study Abroad Guide for Students connects volunteers directly with non-profits for work and travel opportunities around the world

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): offers users the opportunity to search for information centers, comprehensive and technical assistance centers, state agencies, and many other types of programs, services, and organizations on the U.S. Department of education's Web site. - This website offers information about institutions for study abroad.
- Free online résumé builders

Career Resources: - This website helps you to build your career and offers you career advice to implement a career change.

The Society for Leadership of Change:
Mission Statement:

The Society for Leadership of Change is an association that offers a forum for sharing knowledge of the proven tools and philosophies for successfully leading and implementing change within organizations. We offer an inclusive membership for all people, who wish to participate in change leadership at any level within their organization, be it a for-profit, a non-profit, or a government agency. Unlike other societies, institutes and associations, the Society for Leadership of Change is not oriented toward one functional area, one industry, or a single tool or philosophy. Members will exchange ideas on proven approaches and experiences (both analytical and people-based), in the constantly evolving and improving art/science of leadership of change. In order to increase members' value as change leaders, The Society for Leadership of Change will share the best proven, integrated change leadership approaches in use today, and will eventually provide certification in leadership of change (Certified Change Leader™).

Centre for Human Ecology (Scotland): - An independent think-tank and action network, CHE is a charity working for social and ecological justice. A unique organisation, working with community groups on one hand, and in academia on the other--and everywhere between. CHE is an independent research institute and runs a MSc/diploma/certificate course in Human Ecology accredited by the Open University. Courses are flexible, designed to be accessible to those with other commitments, combining residential and distance learning over 1 year full-time or longer part-time. The CHE is a leading catalyst and advocate for ecological thinking in Scotland and beyond. Dr. Caroline Hoffmann, is Communications Manager.

Find Your Urban Internship:

Live. Learn. Intern:
In the nation's capital this organization offers courses for credit and real-world experience.

Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars: - TWC provides placement, supervision, academic programming, and quality housing in Northern Virginia for over 300 students each semester and summer term. Financial assistance awarded to over 80% of students each term.

Internet Resources for Jobs:

Locanto Jobboard is a free classifieds site which offers jobs, internships, and the opportunity to upload one's CV in the United States and 39 other countries worldwide. All ads get reviewed and updated on a daily basis. Jobs vary from part-time to full-time offers and from small businesses to Multinationals like Oracle and Google.

Job Hunters This site has been developed by Dick Bolles of "What Color is Your Parachute" fame. Bolles is one of the most recognized job-hunting authorities in the world. The site includes a "Net Guide" and an extensive library of articles. See The next two sites are Bolles "parachute picks" (top quality).

Career Development: Job Hunting Help -

Job Hunt: - Online search resources and services. is a good vehicle for getting free publicity for jobs and doing research on available openings.

Jobs.Net: - Free job sites for candidates/job-seekers including online resume building, online job search and application.

Scholarship Matching Service: - A free service to students and scholarship providers.

Internet Career Connection: - Helps job seekers and career planners advance their careers and achieve higher levels of success by providing a means of "connecting" with career information, career guidance, professional contacts, and career opportunities.

Study Abroad: contains directories of college level study abroad and language immersion programs organized by both subject and destination. Also included are entries for experiential education, high school and graduate level study abroad programs.

Washington Internship Institute: WII is looking for bright, talented college students willing to be challenged, ready to discover their future, and able to take on an academic internship in the nation's capital. See's web site and network of directories contain include dynamically constructed travel guides, an embassy database, currency converter, and additional content and features. It is quickly becoming the primary resource for study, language schools, volunteer programs, internships, and jobs abroad. was awarded the best study and work abroad site in the May issue of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.

Peterson's Guide


Major Scholarship/Fellowship Web Sites - A comprehensive list

Online Degrees and Scholarships

Online Masters - A list of Online Master Degrees And Masters Degree Programs at U.S. universities

Links to Professional Career Opportunities (Powerpoint Slideshow,

Internships - ( Internship Scholarships Available to Kappa Omicron Nu Members through the Association of College Honor Societies

Guide to College Internships (

Guide to Job Search And Internships (

Job Search Resource Guide (Northwestern Universtity)


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