2005 Undergraduate Research Conference 

Track II - Faculty Mentoring of Research

Facilitator: Karla Hughes, East Carolina University 

Developed by Track II Undergraduate Researchers and Faculty Undergraduate Research Coordinators, Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Conclave & Undergraduate Research Conference, Chicago, IL, August 6, 2005


Undergraduate Research Contexts

  1. Independent study
  2. Course requirement
  3. Undergraduate Research Program
  4. Student project as part of faculty research

Undergraduate Research Program – Structure of the program will be defined by the unit/institution – Suggestion: 1 credit in junior and in senior year.

  1. Application – Guidelines for accepting students
  2. Benefits for students, faculty, and unit
    1. Mentoring
    2. Competencies
    3. Presentations – local, national
    4. Publication
    5. Intangible
  3. Handbook
    1. Definition of program
    2. Process
    3. Topics
    4. Schedule for meetings
  1. Research Contract with Mentor
    1. Guidance in identifying a research topic
    2. Time and commitment

                          i.      Time schedule

                          ii.      Consultation

                          iii.      Review of work

                          iv.       Response – timely and constructive feedback (use the red pen)

    1. Guidance for understanding of research process
    2. Assistance with IRB process
  1. Mentoring
    1. Offer guidance for resources and networking to get research done (internal and external resources, including KON Web site resources)
    2. Give encouragement
    3. Provide involvement beyond the discipline if appropriate – multi- or interdisciplinary
    4. Identify available funds
    5. Serve as role model – mentor has conducted research, presented, and published—has a track record
    6. Emphasize professionalism and contribution of research to professional practice
    7. Identify journals and conferences as outlet for sharing research with larger community – e.g., Which journals are legitimate?
    8. Assist with follow-through
  1. Faculty Expectations of Unit
    1. Selection of mentoring faculty who have experience
    2. Assignment of senior faculty to mentor junior faculty
    3. Development of benefits for students


Available resource: Hakim, T. M. (2000). How to develop and administer institutional undergraduate research programs. Washington, DC: Council on Undergraduate Research.

Text includes:

  1. Definitions & Values
  2. Design & Development
  3. Administration & Management
  4. Enhancement & Refinement
  5. Essays, Surveys, and Lists
  6. How Undergraduate Research Evolved
  7. About the Council for Undergraduate Research



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