Maude Gilchrist Fellowship

About Maude Gilchrist

Maude Gilchrist (December 29, 1861 – February 28, 1952) was an American botanist and college professor. She was dean of women at Illinois Women’s College from 1897 to 1901, the first dean of home economics at Michigan Agricultural College from 1901 to 1913, and taught botany at Wellesley College and Iowa State University.


2022 KON Scholarship Winners

One $1,000 award in 2024 for a masters student.

One $1,000 award in 2024 for a doctoral student.

The Maude Gilchrist Fellowship’s intent is to support master’s and doctoral students for research in the human sciences. This award is to support conducting original research and is given during the planning stages to support research. Applicant must be the lead researcher. Students will submit a follow up summary report of the results of the project within a year of award. Must be students (master’s or doctoral) at time of application. To apply:

  • An abstract must be submitted including goals and objectives – this will describe in enough detail what the applicant proposes to do. Reviewers will evaluate how worthy they feel the proposed topic of research is, and how relevant methods for approaching the topic are. (10 points)
  • In methodology, applicants will explain in detail how the proposed funds would be used. Reviewers will consider to what degree they feel funds will be spent judiciously. (10 points)
  • A letter of support from committee chair, department, KON adviser – This letter is to indicate that the researcher has the support of their professor or faculty for the proposed research. (10 point)


While the application and evaluation framework are the same for masters and doctoral students, masters and doctoral students will be judged separately against peer applicants.

Applicants must meet the KON Scholarship Terms and Eligibility Requirements

To apply submit a completed Maude Gilchrist Fellowship Application.

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