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Leadership as Reflective Human Action

Leadership as Reflective Human Action—A Mini-Workshop

Leadership as Reflective Human Action—A Mini-Workshop

Frances E. Andrews & Dorothy I. Mitstifer

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This workshop, developed for students and professionals, was designed as a three-hour (3) workshop. However the nature of the workshop makes it possible to offer a single session or two or three segments. (A student, adviser, or alumni member could serve as facilitator.) The workshop is designed with several activities that are followed by mini-lectures associated with PowerPoint slides.

The following schedule indicates the approximate timing for the workshop.

Slides Activity/
15 min Slides 1 – 2 Activity 1st 1st
2 min Slides 3 – 6 Lecture    
10 min Slide 7 Activity    
3 min Slides 8-13 Lecture    
10 min Slide 14 Activity    
2 min Slides 15 – 20 Lecture    
15 min Slide 21 Activity    
4 min Slides 22-25 Lecture   2nd
20 min Slides 26-29 Activity    
15 min Break 3-hr Workshop      
20 min Slides 30 – 31 Activity 2nd  
2 min Slides 32-34 Lecture    
10 min Slide 35 Activity    
3 min Slides 36-41 Lecture   3rd
20 min Slide 42 Activity    
2 min Slides 43-46 Lecture    
20 min Slide 47 Activity    
2 min Slides 48-52 Summary    
2 min   Evaluation    


Equipment: Computer and LCD Projector
2 Flip Charts
PowerPoint Slides:
Leadership as Reflective Human Action—A Mini-Workshop
(Powerpoint. Right-click to download)

Ethical Dilemmas Handout

Inner Strengths Assessment

VideoSynopsis and Summary of Leadership and the New Science

Workshop Evaluation Form   Print   Online

A Certificate of Completion for those who participated in all sessions. Advisers can request the certificate from the KON National Office.

Print slides from Powerpoint presentation and distribute only at the end of the workshop



For further information, contact Kappa Omicron Nu National Office
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