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Kappa Omicron Nu

Volume 1, No. 1 - (c)1999. Executive Director and Editor: Dorothy I. Mitstifer; Assistant Editor: Lisa Wootton. Board of Directors: Fran Andrews, Jan VanBuren, Karla Hughes, Mary Pritchard, Barbara McFall, Norene Cochran, Carrie Fuller, Kevin Taylor - PO Box 798, Okemos, MI 48805-0798 - Telephone: (727) 940-2658 ext. 2003 - E-mail: - Web site:

KONbuttonNew 1999 Board Members

Janis B. Van Buren, Chair-Elect - Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Karla Hughes, Vice Chair/Program - Middle Tennessee State University
Barbara McFall, Secretary - Roanoke, Virginia

KONbuttonNew Executive Assistant

Lisa Wootton joined the Kappa Omicron Nu staff in September, 1998. In addition to her role as Executive Assistant she is the IT specialist and Assistant Editor. Lisa adds valuable in-house expertise with her BA in English and her proficiency in computer technology, graphic design, and Web management and design.

KONbutton1999 Conclave

Radisson Hotel St. Louis Airport
August 5-8, 1999
Theme: Reflective Human Action: Creating a Learning Community

Highlights of the Conclave include student paper presentations, leadership and chapter management workshops, and chapter action-planning. Student and professional tracks will explore applications of the theory of Reflective Human Action by using experiential and Open Space processes to develop a learning community. Featured speakers include Anne Murray of Anne Murray Communications who will help delegates apply Myers-Briggs Type Indicators to leadership, and Michael P. Wolfe, Executive Director of Kappa Delta Pi, who will give the banquet address.

KONbuttonConclave Undergraduate Student Paper
Award Recipients

  • Allison J. Archer - The Role of Nutrition Therapy as One Component in Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Patients - Purdue University
  • Michelle Gastineau Tracy - An Expansion of Rogers’ Model of the Consumer Decision-Making Process - Indiana University
  • Rachell Harding - An Historic Review of American Quilts and Their Social Value - Brigham Young University
  • Sarah Jagers - Integrating Product Placement and Fashion - Bradley University
  • Gail McNinch - The Changing Face of America: Leadership for Action - Texas A&M University, Kingsville
  • Fawn Parks - Rice Flour: A Comparison with All-Purpose Wheat Flour - Baylor University
  • Tambra R. Stevenson - Effects of Iron Levels on Calcium Absorption - Oklahoma State University
  • Kathleen C. Walker - Relationship Between Both Nutrition Knowledge and Cultural Background and One’s Personal Eating Patterns - Kent State University

KONbuttonCollaborative Initiatives

FCS in Higher Education: An Open Summit on the Future

As part of a seven-organization collaborative, Kappa Omicron Nu published Agenda for Change and provided in-kind services for management of the Summit. A Summit Link on the KON Web site,, includes Summit Notes and a synopsis of the project; reports of Summit initiatives will be posted. The Kappa Omicron Nu/Betty Jane Johnston Fund donated financial support.


Kappa Omicron Nu contracted to supply support services for the Family and Consumer Sciences ~ Administrative Leadership Council. This collaboration was undertaken because Kappa Omicron Nu shares the objectives of this group.

Coordinating Council of Honor Societies

Collaboration began 19 years ago under the leadership of Grace Henderson (Omicron Nu), Doretta Hoffman (Phi Upsilon Omicron), and Mildred Dransfield (Kappa Omicron Phi).

KONbuttonNew Initiatives

Leadership Academy Fellows

Ardyth Gillespie, Cornell University, will apply leadership development and community building theory and practice to community food systems.
Barbara McFall, Saybrook Institute, will concentrate on personal resource systems.
Donna Pendergast, Queensland University of Technology (Australia) will focus on "Beyond Brown."

Becoming a Learning Community

This initiative is directed toward creating the ideal conditions for meaningful learning in Kappa Omicron Nu. Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline warned that many organizations have learning disabilities. Thus, evaluation of Kappa Omicron Nu as a learning community will have a high priority in this effort of "becoming."

Enhanced Web Site

The new KON Web site offers six classifications of information: Membership, Leadership, Conclave, Publications, News & Events, and Summit. A new Posting Board is intended to enrich communication; a Search function will aid visitors in finding information quickly. In addition, members and chapters can obtain easy access to forms, order products and publications on-line, obtain fellowship applications and Conclave information, etc.

Distance Learning

The first Kappa Omicron Nu computer mediated distance learning program was initiated Winter 1998. "Board Orientation in the Policy Mode" provided the mechanism for training new board members in the Kappa Omicron Nu governance system. A contract with Sue Stratton of Leading Edge Mentoring and with the Managing Education Resource Group provided facilitation and technology for the KON learning package. This initiative was approved by John Carver, holder of the registered trademark of Policy GovernanceR, and will be marketed through the Michigan Society of Association Executives. Two additional distance learning programs are in process.

On-line Publications

The first KON on-line publication is Volume 11, Number 1 of Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM: Advanced Information Infrastructures: Realizing their Potential. This publication will be provided in hard-copy format as well.

“Exploring the Future of Honor Societies in FCS/Human Sciences” describes Phase One of this project.

KONbutton1999-2000 Awards

Fifty Grants for Chapter Scholars

Kappa Omicron Phi/Dorothy I. Mitstifer
Conclave Scholarships for Advisers

Diana D. Carroll
Betty J. Church
Ellen Daniels
Norma Gaines-Hanks
Missale Kumelachew
Lauren L. Leach
S. Jayne Ozier
Anna Roberts
Maxine Rowley
Janelle Walter

Omicron Nu/Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship

Michelle Townsend, Carson-Newman College
For study at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Kappa Omicron Phi/Peggy S. Meszaros Fellowship

Verdie D. Samuels
Ohio State University

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship

Sharon M. Ballard
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Kappa Omicron Nu/National Alumni Chapter Grant

Shelly Nickols-Richardson, Virginia Tech
For study of "Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Regarding Herbs and Phytomedicinals"

Kappa Omicron Nu/New Initiates Grant

Tanya Horacek, Syracuse University, and colleagues: Jean Bowering, Eurnestine Brown, Kathy Dischner, & Linda Quinn for the study, "Assessing 5th Grader’s Dietary Habits in Relation to Quality of Life Measures to Develop an Effective Nutrition Program."

KONbutton2000-2001 Awards

Master’s Fellowship
Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship—$2,000

awarded annually from an endowment in the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of her contributions as Omicron Nu Executive Director.

Doctoral Fellowships

Gladys Gary Vaughn Fellowship—$2,000

awarded for doctoral study from the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of her service as National President, 1989-90 and as the first President of Kappa Omicron Nu during 1990.

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship—$2,000

awarded annually for doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund.

Research/Project Grants

One or more grants are awarded annually that meet the criteria of the Kappa Omicron Nu research agenda. Cross-specialization and integrative research is the research priority for the honor society. Multi-year proposals will be considered.

National Alumni Chapter Grant—$1,000

awarded annually as a project of the National Alumni Chapter.

New Initiatives Grant—$3,000

awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund.

National Grants to Chapters
Scholar Program—Variable Grants

awards will be based on the prior year’s total initiates according to the following schedule once each biennium: 1-10, $150; 11-30, $250; 31-50, $350; 51 up, $500. In order to be eligible for this program, each chapter shall file a document describing the criteria for awarding local scholar grants.

KONbuttonLinkage with the Ownership

Member Survey

A survey of randomly selected active and non-active members in July 1998 confirmed that publications, recognition of students, leadership development, and administration/structure were features that should be kept. Improvements were suggested for "real world" applications, communication, and collegiate chapters. Priorities, they said, should include granting of scholarships and fellowships, leadership development, research grants, and collaboration with other FCS organizations. The highest ranking technology innovations were an on-line newsletter, an electronic library of KON articles, and distance education courses.

Higher Education Survey

A survey of selected administrators and faculty indicated the critical factors, forces, and trends that will have an impact on the future of honor societies in FCS/Human Sciences. An abbreviated scenario analysis determined the critical scenario drivers:

  • Needs of/benefits to members for development of programs.
  • Availability and consistency of human resources to assist chapter leadership.
  • Recognition and support from university administrators, faculty, advisers, students, and external stakeholders.
  • Distinctive benefit and value offered by FCS honor societies that provide competitive advantage.
  • Flexibility—ability and willingness to change.
  • Perceived strength of the field itself.
  • Increased emphasis on family and quality of family life.
  • Changed student demographics; older, part-time, distance, with children, non-joiners
  • Changes in education, learning models, delivery mechanisms.
  • Clash in values—achievement driven by individual or group effort—individual vs. connectedness.

KONbuttonPublications in 1998-99

Kappa Omicron Nu Dialogue - three issues: focus on resilience, cross-cultural education, FCS in Higher Education: An Open Summit on the Future.

Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM - two issues involving the following themes: "Legacies" and "Making Community."

Strategic Leadership of the Professions: Agenda for Change

KONbuttonCall for Papers

Diverse Families: A Dialogue about Reflective Practice
Deadline: September 1, 1999
Guest Editor - Katia Paz Goldfarb

Objectives: Explore how professionals and organizations, connected with our field, are working, researching, teaching, contributing, serving, and/or analyzing the diversity represented in today’s families using the Reflective Human Action theory to further understanding.

Legacies for the Future
Continuing theme without specific deadlines.
Guest Editor Sharon Nickols is seeking manuscripts for the fourth volume.

Objectives: Record the accomplishments of leaders in FCS/Human Sciences and all of its specializations, draw implications about the legacy of past leaders, and inspire professionals to make contributions.


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