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Toward a Theory of Family Well-Being II

Toward a Theory of Family Well-Being II

Margaret I. Henry, Dorothy I. Mitstifer, & Frances M. Smith, Editors
Supported and Published by Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society

This publication is a follow-up to a dialogue session at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in Washington, DC. The second in a series, this publication continues the examination of family well-being from several perspectives. Margaret Henry summarizes the 1997 dialogue and raises some issues for further consideration. Frances Smith describes family well-being and the process of using the Habermasian framework with faculty and students to develop a guide for practitioners. Donna Pendergast shares curricular development (in Australia) that uses a family well-being perspective. Edith Baldwin expands her earlier work in conceptualizing family well-being. Barbara McFall describes a person-environment model for examining well-being and quality of life. Bonnie Braun and Jean Bauer report on the work of Extension and NASULGC in providing a well-being framework for public policy decisions arising out of welfare reform. Judith Breland shares her concerns as a practitioner about developing a benchmark for family well-being.

Because every human sciences professional has an interest in the notion of family well-being, this publication serves a broad audience. The editors and Kappa Omicron Nu offer this publication for the further development of the conceptual framework of the field.


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