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Leadership: Reflective Human Action

Leadership: Reflective Human Action

A Professional Development Module

Frances E. Andrews--Dorothy I. Mitstifer--Marsha Rehm--Gladys Gary Vaughn
Published by Kappa Omicron Nu


A Description of
Leadership: Reflective Human Action

The theory of reflective human action developed by Kappa Omicron Nu is a mindset--a philosophy--of leadership, and focuses on leadership, the action. From this perspective, leadership is not rooted in one person--it refers to actions, no matter who carries them out. In other words, leadership is the process that arises whenever people work together.

Reflective Human Action is based upon the core features of authenticity, ethical sensibility, and spirituality as well as features of action. The principles of practice within the community environment (organization, institution, worksite, government, neighborhood, or family) include: accept chaos, share information, develop relationships, and embrace vision. As a leadership perspective this theory serves the needs for nonpositional leaders and for a culture to make healthy communitires. Thus, reflective human action is defined as an active, mind-engaging process of meaning-making in a community practice.

Designed for students and professionals, this module features a theory section and experiential activities to practice Reflective Human Action.

Set I released Fall, 1995; Sets II & III in 1997

Set I includes the theoretical framework and experiential activities for comprehending the theory, framing leadership issues, and exploring personal leadership skills.

Set II includes experiential activities for team, positional, and political leadership.

Set III includes experiential activities for visionary leadership and ethical leadership.


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