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Leadership for a Culturally Diverse Society


The Kappa Omicron Nu professional development module, Leadership for a Culturally Diverse Society has two sections: the first section includes icebreakers and activities, and the second section includes a broad conceptual base for cultural diversity and a theoretical background for facilitators.

The activities address four fundamental components of leadership in a culturally diverse society. Leaders need a) a knowledge base which will increase sensitivity to and awareness of the cultural diversities in our society; b) to identify resources which can help strengthen and improve the quality of life for minority individuals; c) to communicate with others about cultural differences; and d) to use strategies which will enable them to work effectively as change agents to maximize the benefits of a culturally diverse society.


The unique contributions of the Leadership for a Culturally Diverse Society module are that it contains a broad conceptual base for cultural diversity, theoretical background for facilitators, and an extensive bibliography in addition to specific activities and suggestions for meeting the needs of leadership for a culturally diverse society.


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