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Strategic Leadership of the Profession: Agenda for Change

Strategic Leadership of the Profession: Agenda for Change

Dorothy I. Mitstifer & Julia R. Miller

Sponsored and Published by Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Academy


This purpose of this publication is to draw together resources in the literature to provide a foundation of trends, cutting-edge knowledge and theories, and facts about the future of higher education. The manuscript is structured by topics within five sections: Introduction, Academic Reform, Curriculum Reform, Workplace and Societal Needs, and Postscript. It is a collection of things, intended not as a flowing stream but as a storm of ideas juxtaposed to whet the appetite for strategic thinking. The authors acknowledge that this is not an exhaustive search of the literature and that the abstracts are not full representations of the cited material. Nonetheless, the authors believe that this will serve a variety of audiences from students to professionals of various communities.

It is generally agreed that unless a great deal of time is devoted to anticipating the future, there will be no future. Thus, this publication sponsors futuristic thinking.


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