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Volume 2, Issue 1 - Fall, 2004


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Announcing New KON Job Board & Resume Bank

This service from JobTarget was just launched to enable members to post resumes and companies to post jobs. See link on Home page: www.kon.org. We expect this service to grow in this first year, so check it out and participate when you are ready for that first professional job!

JobTarget is a lead industry in the career services and recruitment markets. Kappa Omicron Nu is fortunate, indeed, to be able to offer this custom designed program as a benefit of membership.

This program has been developed by Kappa Omicron Nu to give college students and professionals the resources necessary to share hands-on experiences with schoolchildren ages 9-12. Kids & Careers intends to make a contribution to understanding of human sciences careers by showing children that:

  • Human Sciences makes important contributions to everyday life.

  • Children can use Human Sciences knowledge to improve their lives.

  • Careers in Human Sciences can be fun and satisfying.

How does the program work?

The Kids & Careers in Human Sciences program provides college students and professionals with a wide variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations that are safe and age-appropriate. Existing activities will be collected in a central resource. Each activity will conclude with a short description of the applicable career, including how specialized knowledge is used in professional practice.

     Association of College Honor
     Societies National Project

Kappa Omicron Nu has the opportunity along with other ACHS members to focus on a the important issue of personal and professional ethics. This project lends support and encouragement to promising young adults as they strive to meet their full potential as future leaders in their respective fields.

Such potential is found not on the surface of a person, where the worthy goals of achievement and knowledge shine brightly for all to see. Instead, a person's full potential can only be reached by building upon the core of one's character, by encouraging honesty, trustworthiness, integrity . . . ethics.

Because these issues cross all academic lines, chapters can exercise creativity to promote ethics across professional boundaries. This project serves as a unique opportunity to collaborate with other ACHS honor societies on campus. ACHS resources can be found on a link on the Home page: www.achsnatl.org.

2005-2006 Awards

National Grants to Chapters

Variable grants awarded to chapters for chapter awards.

Master's Fellowships 

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship - $2,000 awarded annually from an endowment in the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of her contributions as Omicron Nu Executive Director.

National Alumni Fellowship - $2,000 awarded by the National Alumni chapter.

Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship - $2,000 awarded for doctoral study from the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of her as founder of Kappa Omicron Phi at Northwest Missouri State.

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship - $2,000 awarded annually for doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund.

Marjorie M. Brown Dissertation Fellowship - $10,000 awarded for critical science research.

Research/Project Grants - Cross-Specialization and Integrative Research

National Alumni Chapter Grant - $1,000 awarded annually as a project of the National alumni chapter.

New Initiatives Grant - $3,000 awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund.

Learning from the Road Runner

"The Road Runner has a passionate and confident look . . . like a rare bird enjoying its work. Wile E. is serious and earnest. He views his challenge with solemn gravity. Coyotes work from a sense of duty or obligation: roadrunners are fueled by spirit and joy. Coyotes are compulsive; roadrunners committed."

From Beep! Beep! Competing in the Age of the Road Runner by Chip R. Bell & Oren Harari (2000).

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