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Volume 1, Issue 1 - Summer, 2003


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Announcing New Online
Collegiate Member Newsletter

Joining the other official publications of Kappa Omicron Nu, the Collegiate Member Newsletter fills an important membership niche: the active members of college chapters. Kappa Omicron Nu Dialogue serves all members as a newsletter, Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM is the peer-reviewed journal, Kappa Omicron Nu Spotlight communicates an overview of the annual activities to special groups and meetings, and the Kappa Omicron Nu Chapter Newsletter keeps chapters informed of current news, new initiatives, programming ideas, and deadlines. This set of publications demonstrates that communication is an important responsibility of the KON leadership for linking with the ownership.

Although the publications serve all membership categories, this new online publication will directly speak to the interests and concerns of undergraduate and graduate students. The Collegiate Member Newsletter is the outcome of Board discussion and implemented by Tambra Stevenson and Dorothy Mitstifer with the help of Lisa Wootton Booth's design expertise. A link to this publication can be found on the scrolling index on the Kappa Omicron Nu Home Page.

Conclave: Suggestions for Friday Afternoon/Evening on Your Own in DC Area

Georgetown - Walk across Key Bridge to Georgetown (no Metro stops) - Historic Georgetown, a Colonial tobacco port and Washington's current elite neighborhood, is a fun place to shop and eat.

The Metro System provides a convenient way to tour the area. Here are some suggestions:

Take Blue Line at Rosslyn Metro Station toward Addison Road

Museums at the Washington Mall - Exit Blue Line at Smithsonian Metro Station (return to hotel toward Franconia-Springfield)

Visit Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, National Air & Space Museum, and/or Washington Monument - These free venues close at 5:30 p.m. so you will need to make choices. Travel on the Metro is 10-15 minutes but you will want to be ready to leave quite soon after 3:00 p.m. for sufficient time for one or two of these venues.

White House - Exit Blue Line at Federal Triangle or McPherson Square (return to hotel toward Franconia-Springfield)

Walk around the White House area (probably too late to join a tour)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Exit Blue Line at Foggy Bottom (return to hotel toward Franconia-Springfield)

Union Station - Exit Blue Line at Union Station Metro Station (return to hotel toward Franconia-Springfield)

This is the restored transportation center with shops, a theater complex, and food court.

Take Blue Line at Rosslyn Metro Station toward Franconia-Springfield

Arlington Cemetery - Exit at Arlington Cemetery Metro Stop (return to hotel toward Addison Road)

Old Town Alexandria - Exit at King Street Metro Station (return toward to hotel toward Addison Road)

Walk the length of King Street past the headquarters of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) through the streets of Old Town and experience a preserved historic seaport. Shops and restaurants abound.

Safety Instructions - Tour with a party of no less than three people. Be especially aware of your surroundings in order to protect yourself and your valuables. Make plans to return to the Hotel by midnight--be sure you identify the time schedule for the Metro so that you can assure travel by Metro rail.

Kids & FCS Announcing
Kids and Family & Consumer Sciences: Career Awareness for Schoolchildren Ages 9-12

This program has been developed by Kappa Omicron Nu to give college students and professionals the resources necessary to share hands-on Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) experiences with schoolchildren ages 9-12. This program intends to make a contribution to understanding of family and consumer sciences careers by showing children that:

  • FCS makes important contributions to everyday life.

  • Children can use FCS knowledge to improve their lives.
  • Careers in FCS can be fun and satisfying.
How does the program work?

The Kids & Family & Consumer Sciences program provides college students and professionals with a wide variety of hands-on FCS activities and demonstrations that are safe and age-appropriate. Existing activities will be collected in a central resource. Each activity will conclude with a short description of the applicable career, including how specialized knowledge is used in professional practice.

Announcing Chapter Web Site Template

Chapters will soon have the option to download our free chapter website template so that you can establish your own web presence via your university's server. The components of the template include a Home Page, links to National Kappa Omicron Nu and external FCS/student resources, an About Our Chapter page (short history to be developed by local chapter), Chapter Officers and Addresses, and your chapter's local events Calendar. The site is designed to require little or no design work and a minimum of local maintenance. However, you must be willing to commit to its upkeep prior to download. An announcement with a link will be placed in the scrolling newsreader at the bottom of the KON homepage as soon as the template is available.

Announcing Candidates for Student Board Member

Three members will be elected at Conclave on August 9 for the 2003-2005 term on the Kappa Omicron Nu Board of Directors.

Catherine (Cathy) Schon
Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College
Interior Design

Renee Santos
Kappa Gamma Theta Chapter, Baylor University
Fashion Design with Business Administration Minor

Jennifer Hoss
Omicron Theta Chapter, Kansas State University
Speech-Language Pathology

Erika Barnhart
Nu Iota Chapter, East Carolina University
Family and Community Services

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