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Leadership: 106

Adviser Empowerment of Officers

By Dorothy I. Mitstifer - © 2002 by Kappa Omicron Nu. All rights reserved. Permission granted to KON chapters and members to use with appropriate credit.


Directions: Facilitate the following activities, either immediately after election of officers or at the planning session preceding the chapter year. 

Overview: This orientation program is intended for advisers- use in preparing officers for carrying out their duties in leading the chapter. The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is empowered leaders through scholarship, research, and leadership development. In advance of the orientation program, conduct a member interest survey (or interactive process) to identify member interests and needs, within the mission, that will help officers and committees to respond to the ownership of the chapter. Incorporate findings in the activities below

To lead the chapter, the officers need to be clear about chapter values-the beliefs that are core to the chapter and express its character. Deeds express consistency of words and action. And actions express the values that are a foundation of that action. In order to show progress and momentum, leaders need operational plans that are distinguished by relentless effort, steadfastness, competence, and attention to detail.

Activities: The following activities will focus on management and leadership. Record the information in a handbook for officers.

  1. Conduct a dialogue about values that are basic to a successful chapter.
  2. List the values and identify actions that will reflect them; e.g., the value of communication can be fostered through developing an e-mail list for announcements and reminders.
  3. Identify the management tasks of officers and assign responsibilities, e.g., recruitment, initiation, programs, publicity and recognition, special events, etc. See for suggestions. Incorporate input from members.
  4. Identify the officer responsibilities and committees that require volunteers. Establish a process to ask for volunteers.
  5. Develop a calendar of tasks and events to guide the work of the chapters. (See for National deadlines.) Include officer and adviser meetings in the calendar in order to make decisions and monitor progress, and include committee chairs when appropriate.
  6. Develop an action plan for each chapter activity.

Stop and Think

Imagine that It's the end of the year and you overhear several people talking about the chapter. What two or three things do you hope to hear them say? Consider whether you need to enhance any of your plans.

Contact if you have questions or need resources. Best wishes for a successful year!

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