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Knowledge Management for the Human Sciences

Announcing KMHS!   Under construction. Please check back soon.

Kappa Omicron Nu announces this Knowledge Portal to enhance the intellectual foundations of the human sciences. Specifically (in the beginning),

  1. The theory and practice of the integrative approach in human systems

  2. The knowledge base of quality of living

In an effort to accomplish these goals, Kappa Omicron Nu announces the formation of a Community of Practice for Integration by Design, and a Community of Practice for PRSM to establish a quality of living index. Volunteer here

Personal Resource Systems Model

PRSM is a systems framework that describes person-environment interactions that result in measurable qualities of living. It assures that personal motivations are expressed in three aspects: mental (think), emotional (feel), and physical (do). It describes the environment in terms in six resource dimensions: intellectual, organizational, social, material, natural, and financial. Read more>

Integration by Design

The human sciences claim the unique feature of an integrative and holistic approach to practice, but there is little current practice that confirms this. Thus, Kappa Omicron Nu has set the goal of contributing to the philosophical foundation of integration through a community of practice. Read more>