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The Heritage of Home Economics


The Heritage of Home Economics is a historical overview of the Home Economics profession. It was written in three distinct segments that address different historical periods. The first portion, developed in 1983, covers the formation and foundation of the profession as it existed between 1840 to 1920. The second segment was developed in 1988 to detail the development of Home Economics in the years 1920 through 1984. The final segment explores recent changes and growth in the profession between the years of 1985 and 2009.

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Narrator: Lisa Wootton Booth

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The presentation is available in Flash format (for online viewing or download) and on CD-ROM. The Online version is available for unlimited viewing/downloads at a lifetime cost of $35. The CD features higher sound and graphics quality than the downloadable version, and includes a standalone Flash player version for PC. The CD version of the presentation costs $75. You can purchase the presentation in either of these formats by clicking the link below.

After purchasing a password for the online version, you can either view it live over your Internet connection or download it to your local drive. To view this presentation online, a broadband connection is required. The total download is approximately 70Mb. (The Flash plug-in is required).

If you would prefer to download the presentation for later viewing, we have provided a downloadable zip file. After downloading, extract the file to a designated folder on your local PC. Double-click on the file called HE.html to begin. Note that your browser must be capable of displaying Flash files. You will also need to have a zip file extractor (such as Winzip) installed. All files must be extracted from the zip before playing or the presentation will not function correctly.

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