KON Chapter Activity to address:
Textiles for Good

Critical Issue: Textiles for Good

This program is a group of ideas for small but equally important programs involving textiles and apparel. There are many different and overlooked opportunities when it comes to this area of study and the possibilities are endless. Creativity and inventiveness are a key component in both this industry as well as the service opportunities.

Possible Chapter Service Activities

  1. Support Little Angel Gowns by volunteering sewing skills. Make angel gowns for those babies not able to make it home from the hospital. 
  2. Organize your group to sew something for a community facility (for example: curtains, pillows).
  3. Host a clothing drive! This allows for members and other members of the community to benefit those that might need clothing items that others are getting rid of. Even the worn and torn items can be brought back to life via upcycling!
  4. Upcycle unused fabric items into other practical items like quilts, tote bags, clothing, scarfs, etc. which can be sold or donated to benefit charity.
  5. Host a fashion show/competition to involve your community and create a dynamic event that everyone can participate in and get excited about. Proceeds can be donated to a charity of choice.
  6. Host a tie-dye or sewing/embroidery session in your community. Anything can be made into art and expressive textiles and showing this to your community is interactive and fun.
  7. Make and donate Keepsake Blankets for stillborn babies. Organizations such as or can be used or work with your own local resource.
  8. Make hats for NICU babies and newborns.
  9. Knit for and with the elderly to distribute blankets for nursing homes.
  10. Make weighted blankets or lap pads for autistic children (read warnings). There have been many benefits to using weighted blankets and you can make your own. Donate to Autism Empowerment or another local organization near you.
  11. Participate in Project Smile and donate teddy bears or other plush figures (handmade or not) to be handed out by influential figures in many peoples lives.

Potential Local Partners

  • Local homeless shelters
  • Textile/fashion programs or faculty
  • Student organizations in academic units

Other Service Activity Ideas or Resources

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