KON Chapter Activity to address:
Physical Activity

Critical Issue: Staying Active

One in ten premature deaths could be prevented by getting enough physical activity. As of 2022, about one in two adults live with a chronic disease. (About half of this group have two or more.) Only half of adults get the physical activity they need to help reduce and prevent chronic diseases. A consistent level of activity across the United States would help people become a healthier and more resilient version of themselves.   

Possible Chapter Service Activities

  1. Sponsor or volunteer at a local 1 mile/5K fun run in your community (or more ambitious, make your own). This could also be a color run or obstacle/mud run within your community.
  2. Coordinate a dance/yoga/activity exercise session at your local school – age appropriate from daycare to high school.
  3. Moving doesn’t have to be a race! Coordinate a local swim Instead!
  4. Plan a hike in your community to explore nature while exercising. (Try Meetup! If you can’t find a group to join, make your own. Instead of calling it “Kappa Omicron Nu Hikers” name yourself something for everyone – make new friends and encourage people to have a more active lifestyle)
  5. Coordinate a school Olympics competition or field day.
  6. Sponsor walk/fitness breaks rather than coffee/snack breaks for your chapter/ dorm /sorority/ fraternity/ study group. Exercise is a great way to stay motivated and on track during the day.
  7. Be leaders by exemplifying the benefits of physical activity to your community. Blog or publicly share progress of your yourself or your group to tell others about your experience.
  8. Volunteer at local establishments (like the YMCA or other community centers, play museums, daycares, etc.) to work out and play with members of your community.
  9. Educate students (K-12) about the importance of physical activity through stories or a gym class visit.
  10. Assist at a senior center with their programs to benefit elderly resident’s physical health or create and propose your own activity to encourage older adults to stay active in some way. Become a motivating source of engagement within your community.
  11. Create online workout guides or videos for the public, to encourage them to include more physical activity into their lives.
  12. Plogging! Join the Swedish trend of cleaning up your community by picking up trash during your run walk or hike.

Potential Local Partners

  • City, County, and State Health Departments
  • Campus or local daycare centers
  • Community public school district
  • Local chapter of an appropriate association
  • University nutrition faculty
  • Student organizations in academic unit

Other Service Activity Ideas or Resources

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