Use of Name, Logo, and Other Intellectual Property

The following outlines the scope of acceptable use of the Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) name and logo, which can only be used with permission from the National Office. Please take note of and respect the following rules in your chapter’s use of the name, logo, and related materials of KON.

Advisers and chapter leaders must ensure student chapter members understand these rules. Members with questions about proper use should consult their chapter adviser. KON Chapter advisers with questions about appropriate use should contact KON’s National Office.

Chapter advisers, presidents, and board’s do not have the right or legal ability to produce merchandise, stationery, business cards, etc. containing the society’s name or logo, even for chapter purposes or benefit, except as listed herein as permission of Kappa Omicron Nu.

  1. Spoken Terminology: The official name of the society is “Kappa Omicron Nu.” Please refrain from referring to KON as a “club,” “group,” or “honorary.” KON should either be referred to by name, or as a “society” or “honor society.
  2. Written Terminology: Chapters must use the name Kappa Omicron Nu with their given Greek letter chapter designator before or after the KON name as follows: “Alpha Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu” or “Kappa Omicron Nu, Alpha Beta.” This distinguishes the work of each chapter from the national organization or another chapter. Any use of the Kappa Omicron Nu logo in public must be accompanied by use of the Greek letter chapter designator below it. The words society and honor society are not capitalized if used stand-alone but are capitalized if used with the full name Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society.

    KON defers to APA style or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for our peer reviewed journal publications and defers to AP style or the Associated Press Stylebook for blog or newsletter articles or daily communications.
  3. Types of Endorsed Activities: Chapters are only licensed to use KON’s name and logo for routine business. The items below are not included as part of the core purpose of the organization and KON’s name and logo are not allowed to be used regarding these types of activities at any time:
    a. Support of a political candidate or party. (Such as a KON event attending a political rally.)
    b. Support any commercial product or brand. (Such as a local KON chapter suggesting buying Smart Water or shop at Walmart)

    One of KON’s fundamental values involves building leadership through service. This naturally includes supporting worthy causes.

    KON encourages use of its name and logo in support of the following charitable causes: homelessness, hunger, food insecurity, fighting poverty, promoting physical fitness and the fight against obesity, supporting nutrition education and healthy eating, community beautification.

    KON does not authorize use of its name or logo to support the following topics: gun control, abortion, animal rights, marijuana legalization, or capital punishment. This list is not inclusive.

  4. Name or Logo for paper print or electronic use: (stationary, letterhead, social media accounts). Chapters may use the logo according to brand book specifications for use in conducting regular business of their chapter. This includes use on social media, letterhead, or email signature for contacting current or prospective members about events, or any other standard operational work. Chapters are never allowed to produce or reproduce membership certificates at any time for any reason.
  5. Name or Logo on ceremonial, regalia items, and jewelry. Chords, pins, medallion, table banners, sashes, and any jewelry of any kind can only be ordered through the National Office. KON does not give any authorization of the logo to any other party for any of these items at any time for any reason.  
  6. Name or Logo on merchandise: (shirts, hats, cups, totes, jewelry). Chapters are not authorized to produce their own versions of commemorative, scholarly, or official membership items provided by the National Office. This includes but is not limited to mugs, shirts, cups, totes, etc. We restrict use to: ensure quality of public merchandise and protect our logo and intellectual property. It also provides an important stream of income to support the National Office. Chapters interested in creating a chapter specific version of a merchandise item for some event may contact the National Office for permission.


Recall and Legalese: The National Office reserves the right to revoke, wholly or in part, permanently or temporarily, the license granted to any chapter to use or incorporate the society’s name or logo, in any manner, at any time, for any reason. Advisers are required to inquire of the National Office prior to creation of permanent items bearing the KON name or logo and are fully responsible for financial hardship incurred because of not following guidelines or consulting KON’s National Office in advance.

Chapters interested in clarifying use of logo or petitioning use of intellectual property of the logo or name can do so to KON’s National Office by making a written request to the National Office describing in detail the nature, form, intent, and duration of use and must receive a written reply to consent before use, as well as a written affirmative response signed from KON’s Executive Director.

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