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Family Announcement Request Form


National Kappa Omicron Nu will mail announcements and customized invitations to the families of initiates on behalf of your chapter.

Please mail address labels ("To the family of _____") to National KON, and submit the following information.

Submit this form no less than two weeks prior to the desired mailing date. Address labels must also be received by the National Office, postmarked no less than two weeks in advance.

1. Name of Unit

2. Name of Chapter

3. Initiation Fee (nat'l $61 plus chapter dues) $ * (2017-18)

4. Address for receiving initiation fee payment*

5. Date, time and place of initiation
Date  *
Time  *
Place *

6. Desired mailing date for invitations *

7. RSVP information (date, address, telephone):

8. Other customizing requests:

Daytime Tel: *
Name *


Please enter the word konforms in the field below. This helps reduce automated nuisance submissions.

This information will be emailed to, and a copy will be sent to you at the address entered.
Note: If you do not receive confirmation within 48hrs, please check with KON.

Or Print and mail address labels to
Kappa Omicron Nu
PO Box 798
Okemos, MI 48805-0798 

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