Professional and Alumni

In Search of Excellence
A Chapter Development Activity

1. Recall an activity, event, experience, person, or object that you remember as excellent (It need not be related to KON, but it may be.). List it below.

2. Describe it. What were its characteristics? What made it excellent?

3. Share your memories with one other person. Agree on one major characteristic that identifies something as being excellent. List below.

4. Discuss your characteristic in a small group of chapter members. Come to consensus on the two (2) most important characteristics. State these characteristics in a word or short phrase.

a. ____________________________________________________

b. ____________________________________________________

5. In the small group, brainstorm ideas for implementing excellence in our chapter.

6. Using the ideas above, write A (for Chapter Activities) and/or M (for Chapter Management Practices) beside each.

7. Select two activities and two chapter management practices to share with the full group. Come to consensus on a few ideas to implement in your chapter.