Procedures for Establishing an Alumni Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu

  1. Contact the Kappa Omicron Nu National Office for a charter application.
  2. Locate a minimum of fifteen (15) Kappa Omicron Nu members who are interested in establishing an alumni chapter. The Kappa Omicron Nu National Office can supply membership lists for selected ZIP Code areas.
  3. Involve nearby collegiate chapters in planning for possible affiliation with the national network: of chapters.
  4. Select a committee to identify the name of the chapter (preferably reflecting the city or geographic area) and complete the charter application form.
  5. Submit the charter application to the address below for review by the Board of Directors.
    Kappa Omicron Nu, PO Box 798, Okemos, MI 48805-0798
    Telephone: (727) 940-2658 ext. 2003
  6. If the application is approved, make arrangements for the chapter installation and charter presentation. A national officer or representative will attend to present the charter. The prospective chapter shall pay all local expenses for installation and for lodging and food expenses of the installing officer(s). If the travel costs exceed the $200.00 reimbursement by National Kappa Omicron Nu, the prospective chapter shall pay the balance.
  7. After installation, elect officers, plan a yearly program, set dues, prepare a budget, and develop local bylaws. File this information with the Kappa Omicron Nu National Office.

Download the application


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