KON Chapter Activity to address:
Community Beautification

Critical Issue: Community Beautification

Community beautification is an issue that is overlooked by many. This is a topic that benefits not only the individual, but your community as well. Volunteer-led programs and projects are some of the most minimalist ways to improve and grow your direct environment.

Don’t forget! Ask permission before making any changes to public property. Also consider that the empty field, broken road, or dirty wall you’re considering may be private property. Be sure to ask permission before making improvements – no trespassing!

Possible Chapter Service Activities

  1. Personalize your community by creating and installing public art! Use your own creativity or collaborate with others to make an exhibit to glorify an area in your community. Interactive community art can be a great way to build community.
  2. Have an ugly wall or building or dealing with graffiti? Contact the owners of the building or your local City Council and offer to paint a public mural. If you have a local artist in your chapter feature them. If not, find a local artist through your school’s art department. (You also might find a local artist through Idealist, Craigslist, or Upwork.)
  3. Start a community garden by dedicating a piece of land and gathering the materials to create an area of beauty around your community.
  4. Organize a neighborhood/nature/beach cleanup! Local parks, roadways, beaches and other major areas in your community deserve to look as beautiful as they are! Gather a group of volunteers to go around and clean up those areas in your community.
  5. Become advocates for recycling and ending littering! Knowledge is power and the more that know the benefits of recycling and keeping your environment clean the better.
  6. Make a seat! Build a bench and decorate it as you please. This will provide a group project as well as a place where the public can gather and appreciate in your community.
  7. Post and photograph your community to highlight the BEAUTY that can be found in your everyday life. Often people overlook the beauty that is right in front of them and you and your chapter can showcase this with social media.
  8. Host a tour of your neighborhood/community to highlight the beauties that you travel through every day! Focus on areas that you might have touched up recently or that are hidden treasures within your area.
  9. Plant a tree or three! Create a lasting beautification in your community by planting trees that will provide shade and beauty for a lifetime in your community.
  10. Plant native plants. As a key to giving our ecosystem a boost, plant native plants that help support local animals and ecosystems. Before you plant trees, bushes, or flowers, visit to find what plants are native to your state.
  11. Build a bat house. Did you know one bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in one night? One natural way to support your local ecosystem and provide a home for local wildlife is to build a bat house. Learn more at

Potential Local Partners

  • Campus or local nature centers
  • Community public school district
  • Local religious groups
  • Local chapter of an appropriate association
  • Student organizations in academic unit

Other Service Activity Ideas or Resources

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