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Vol. 10, No. 1 - September 2000

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Message from the
Kappa Omicron Nu Executive Director

Kappa Omicron Nu has developed program resources for the benefit of members, and the national office is prepared to help chapters utilize them in preparing students for the workplace, responsible citizenship, and graduate education.

Quality Programs Rule! (if they spread) - On the way to writing this column, I saw the cover of the August issue of Fast Company. Bold black letters on a bright fluorescent red background heralded the theme of the issue: Ideas Rule! (if they spread). The "play" on those words intrigued me when I was looking for a campaign title for enhancing chapter programming. Kappa Omicron Nu has provided a rich resource of programming materials for chapter use. For this campaign of "Quality Programs Rule! (if they spread)", all chapters are challenged to select at least one of the programming initiatives described below. 

Any organization that thrives in this fast-paced era requires accountability to its mission and its members. Will you join in setting a goal of 100% chapter participation in a programming focus? One program (by each chapter) that helps to achieve the mission of empowered leaders will support Kappa Omicron Nu's quest for accountability. 

Dorothy I. Mitstifer

 P.S. Beginning November 1, 2000, mailing and shipping costs will be added to orders. This change is necessary because of rising costs in both product and delivery. We have not increased prices (which included delivery costs) for about eight years. For those orders we invoice, the exact delivery charge will be added; for orders with pre-payment, use the following scale:

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Chapter Programming

The mission of empowered leaders requires effort at both the national and chapter levels to conduct educational programming toward that end. A new direction for Kappa Omicron Nu introduced at Conclave 1999 is the concept of our honor society as a learning community. The paper, "Making a Learning Community," presents the theoretical foundation (see Web site, publications link).

In a nutshell, a learning community is a group linked by common interests'a group that is described by ongoing action and perpetual curiosity (engagement and growing). As a learning paradigm, it gives primacy to the learner and learning outcomes. In KON, the notion of a learning community places high value on learning beyond the classroom and on building on student interests, on critical thinking, and on problem solving.

Integrating KON and Academic Goals - A recent survey of Deans and Department Chairs documented interest in developing a partnership of Kappa Omicron Nu with the academic program. Plans are being made to develop a Web site resource to share implementation ideas. Stay tuned for a posting announcement. Chapters are invited to submit examples of partnerships.

New Focus on Undergraduate Research - Michigan State University, Kansas State University, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, and Kappa Omicron Nu have collaborated to create an Undergraduate Research Community (URC) to (a) create a national undergraduate research conference for the human sciences (family & consumer sciences or human ecology, etc.), (b) sponsor a peer-reviewed electronic publication for undergraduate research, (c) establish an electronically connected multi-campus community of undergraduate researchers, and (d) foster integrative, cross-specialization undergraduate research and service learning research projects in addition to traditional research in the specializations. 

The research conference will be conducted in conjunction with the Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave, and in alternate years the research conference will include a leadership development track. Thus, there will be an annual opportunity for participation; at the present time Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave travel scholarships will be available only in the Conclave years. Invitations have been issued to all college and university human sciences units to participate in this initiative with the founding institutions. Kappa Omicron Nu takes pride in the fact that this initiative builds upon the KON undergraduate research paper award program and takes undergraduate research to a new level nationally.

Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Conclave and Undergraduate Research Community Conference - Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, FL - August 2-5, 2001

Self-Managed Mentoring: A Web-Based Course dedicated to the mission of empowering leaders - This course has been utilized by individuals to achieve personal goals or to obtain credit for independent study and by professors as a segment of a course. A chapter might use a portion for a program or a series of programs.

Mini-Programs - From suggestions by advisers, Kappa Omicron Nu offers mini-programs for chapter programming; each is structured for a one-hour session. They can be found on the Web site ( Each user is asked to e-mail <> to share outcomes.

Leadership 101 features leadership guru Max DePree's notion of organizations as places for realized potential. The program includes the facilitator script, an activity, and a transparency mini-lecture. 

Leadership 102 is an orientation for chapter presidents. Hard copy was distributed to the chapters; another copy can be obtained from the National Office.

In Search of Excellence is a chapter development activity. This mini-program helps the chapter plan its activities.

Chapter Planning Session is an interactive process for planning in the Spring for the next chapter year.

Officer Orientation Program is a Web-based orientation for new officers.

Other Program Resources - The resources, Leadership: Reflective Human Action, Leadership for a Culturally Diverse Society, and Mentoring: The Human Touch, offer many activities that could be used for chapter programs. Because these are current leadership perspectives, KON members will have an advantage professionally and personally.

State-of-the-Art Process - Directions are available on the Web for the popular group process: Open Space Technology. See "Open Space Process," "Open Space Conveners Kit," and "Open Space Transparencies."

Open Space is a participant-initiated group process, and Kappa Omicron Nu is alone among organizational leaders in offering a program package for the process. There's not a lot of risk-just use it and help your members experience REAL PARTICIPATION and satisfaction of following their PASSIONS.

National Expectations for Programming 

1.       100% participation in a programming focus on scholarship, research, and/or leadership - at least one programming event in addition to initiation that focuses substantively on scholarship, research, or leadership development. 

2.       Member participation in needs assessment, goal setting, action planning, and collaborative implementation. 

3.       Annual review of chapter activities to determine changes to improve chapter effectiveness.

New Award Programs

Last Spring we announced that program awards for 2000-2001 will focus on (a) integration of KON and academic goals and (b) undergraduate research initiatives. This award program replaces the awards for mentoring, diversity, and leadership programming. Award criteria can be found on the KON Web site. Other recognition awards include the Chapter Award of Excellence and the Adviser Award of Excellence. All program and recognition awards will be presented at Conclave.

Note to chapters: Award of Excellence and Scholar Program Certificates are available upon request.

Visit the KON Web Site at

Chapter Handbook On-line - The Chapter Handbook is posted on the KON Web site. Although it was newly revised three years ago, your chapter will be able to determine whether you have the latest forms and content. Now you can download it off the Web site (click on the Membership link or the Site Outline), or compare the Handbook in hand with the Internet version. Because access to the Internet is not universal, we will continue to supply hard copy revisions and sell the notebook at $10.00 each.

Handbook for New Members On-line - This publication will still be available for purchase from Kappa Omicron Nu, but there is an alternative now: click on the Membership link or Site Outline to access the Handbook for New Members.

Tips for Successful Chapters - This publication is found in the Program Section of the Chapter Handbook. You will find helpful tips for programming, managing your chapter, and fund raising.

Chapter News Request

The KON Chapter Newsletter features   

  • National news, 
  • Chapter program highlights, and  
  • Other significant messages for the national network of chapters. 

February 15 and June 1 are deadlines for chapter editors to submit articles regarding the following topics:   

  • Project and program successes,   
  • Member accomplishments, awards, and  
  • Successful chapter management practices.

Kappa Omicron Nu Chapter Deadlines

     October 1, 2000 - Chapter Officers and Addresses Form

     November 1, 2000 - Form A Chapter Annual Report

     February 15, 2001 - Chapter news 

April 1, 2001 - Coordinating Council of Honor Societies Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers- The recipient of this award receives a check for $750.

     May 1, 2001 - Call for Undergraduate Student Research Posters

     June 1, 2001 - Kappa Omicron Nu Call for Undergraduate Papers

     June 1, 2001 - Undergraduate Research Community for the Human Sciences Call for Undergraduate Papers

     June 1, 2001 - Financial Report

     June 1, 2001 - Form B Chapter Annual Report

Join the Campaign for enhancing chapter progrmming:  
Quality Programs Rule! (if they spread)


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