KON Chapter Planning Session

This planning session follows the officer orientation program. Officers and Committees will follow through on preliminary plans for the chapter program and will focus on recruitment and initiation of new members.

Chapter Program

  • Review National Program Priorities
  • Conduct program needs assessment--Values, Needs, Prioritize needs
  • Set goals and assign to committees
  • Develop an action plan for each goal
  • What
  • Who
  • When
  • Develop program schedule
  • Plan publicity and communication system
  • Develop officer and committee chair meeting schedule

Recruitment and Initiation

  • Develop a schedule for
  • Determining candidates - eligible undergraduate and graduate students and professors
  • Establishing date, time, place, and program for initiation
  • Issuing invitations
  • Forwarding labels to the National Office for family invitations
  • Preparing for initiation
  • Assign committee for implementation
  • Plan for publicity
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