Professional and Alumni

Chapter Benchmarks

The following benchmarks recognize the elements that contribute to achieving chapter excellence:

Institutional Support Benchmarks

  • Student Affairs commitment to registered student groups
  • Institutional commitment to a support system and recognition of advisers
  • Academic unit commitment to staffing of advisers for student groups
  • A centralized system for maintaining records and supplies
  • A financial system for banking and paying bills

Chapter Development Benchmarks

  • Registration with appropriate institutional office
  • Participation in institutional training for student groups
  • Procedures for election of officers
  • A plan for officer training
  • Structure for selection and initiation of members
  • Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities
  • Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals
  • Participation in National Conclave

Learning Benchmarks

  • Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals
  • Educational activities that respond to shared goals
  • Participation in Required Program initiative

Faculty Support Benchmarks

  • Value for the role of student organizations
  • Professional/technical support for student organizations
  • Participation in chapter activities

National Support Benchmarks

  • Technical assistance for operational procedures
  • Guidelines for maintaining chapter excellence
  • Effective distribution of orders and supplies
  • Awards and recognition for excellence
  • Minimum standards for  quality
  • Standards for Chapters in Good standing
  • Program resources
  • Officer training
  • Adviser training
  • Training for chapter development
  • Legal structure for protecting the rights of members

Evaluation Benchmarks

  • Yearly evaluation of chapter activities
  • Plan for improving chapter based on evaluation


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