Professional and Alumni

Chapter Report Awards

Annual Report Criteria*

  • 15 - Promote scholarship
  • 15 - Promote leadership
  • 15 - National priority focus
  • 15 - Required Program
  •   5 - Officer Training
  • 15 - Program planning and follow-through
  •   5 - Recruitment
  •   5 - Alumni Relations
  • 10 - Tentative plans for next year
    Total: 100 pts.

* Annual Report Criteria will change for 2005-07. See

2009 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Rho, East Tennessee State

  1. Planning for service project - Habitat for Humanity
  2. Ethics
  3. Research Methods
  4. Research data collection on food supplement product grant
  5. Head 2 Toe service project
  6. Service project at The River

2009 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Phi, Mississippi State

  1. AAUW Grant project planning
  2. Speaker on AAUW grants
  3. More work on grant
  4. Leadership
  5. Kids & Careers Program

2009 Award Recipient - Kappa Delta Omicron, Meredith College

  1. What do you know about KON?
  2. ACHS grant proposal on social responsibility
  3. Leadership 105
  4. Day of Celebration - Undergraduate Research
  5. Connecting the Dots (sustainability)

2008 Award Recipient - Kappa Alpha, Northwest Missouri State

  1. Graduate School Opportunities
  2. Pygmalian Theory
  3. Ethical Dilemmas
  4. Diversity in the Workplace
  5. Etiquette Banquet
  6. Celebrated centennial of FCS Department at Northwest

2008 Award Recipient - Kappa Delta Omicron, Meredith College

  1. Leadership Lecture - Carolyn Jackson, AAFCS
  2. Day of Celebration - Undergraduate Research
  3. Leadership 105

2008 Award Recipient - Nu Omicron, California Univ of Penna

  1. Volunteer on medical staff for Special Olympics
  2. Code of Ethics development for unit
  3. High school visits - wound care, nutrition, injury prevention, concussions, and exercise awareness
  4. Volunteer on medical staff fpr Greek Week games
  5. Undergraduate research
  6. Volunteer on medical staff for Pike's Run Fishing Festival

2007 Award Recipient - Kappa Alpha, Northwest Missouri State

  1. Using your Moral Compass
  2. Styles of leadership and the Myers-Briggs inventory
  3. Diversity, using the KON Gingerbread people to emphasize uniqueness and types of diversity
  4. Etiquette Dinner
  5. Ethics in the Workplace

2007 Award Recipient - Omicron Alpha Beta, University of Maine

  1. Professionalism and Career Networking - a doctoral student discussed her career path and talked about how networking can lead to new opportunities.
  2. Discussion of research projects including the ethical treatment of human subjects and the application process for approval of research with human subjects
  3. A dentist spoke on the topic of ethical treatment of children and adults with oral diseases and the connection between nutrition and dental disease
  4. A member of the Maine State House of Representatives spoke about public policy and her role on the Budget and Finance Committee.
  5. A graduate student presented Writing for Success, which focused on the importance of writing in graduate school and how to improve writing skills.

2007 Award Recipient - Omicron Tau, Penn State

  1. Chapter members presented research projects
  2. A presenter from the Rock Ethics Institute discussed the ethics, politics, and anguish surrounding Alzheimer's Disease.
  3. A teamwork exercise gave an opportunity for new and current members to complete a variety of tasks that required teamwork.
  4. A professional from Career Services presented information on resume writing

2006 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Xi, Carson-Newman

  1. The Sadness of a Book Never Read focused on the importance of reading. The presenter shared information about seven favorite books
  2. Ethics programming included three meetings
    1. What is Academic Dishonesty? -
    2. Examination of Honor Codes
    3. Discussion following completion of the Values in Action Inventory
  3. Chapter members shared their research projects, and instructions were shared about developing poster presentations

2006 Award Recipient - Omicron Tau, Penn State

  1. Current researchers in each major were invited to discuss their work. Faculty presenters discussed their career paths towards research and offered suggestions and motivation for students to seek research experiences with faculty. Chapter members discussed their research projects.
  2. The topic of Integrating Ethics in the Workplace was presented by a faculty member whose dissertation research involved ethics workshops for Workforce Education and Development. The meeting concluded with activities examining situational ethics problems.
  3. Diversity was introduced through the game, Star Power, which classified participants in social classes for the purpose of collaborating to advance into a higher social class. Thus diversity was experienced from a point of view other than race and gender.

2006 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Phi, Mississippi State

  1. A program focused on the importance of research and changes in the profession.
  2. An ethics program highlighted the contributions of Mr. Rogers to children's character development.
  3. A program focused on leadership and character development.

2005 Award Recipient - Omicron Tau Chapter, Penn State University

  • Promote Scholarship
    • Speaker on how to find scholarships and fellowships, meet deadlines, write personal essays, and stand out from others. Specific examples of scholarships, Web sites, and contact persons were shared.
  • Promote Leadership
    • Conducted service projects to develop well-rounded socially responsible leaders.
    • Developed and conducted a lesson plan for a Kids & Careers in Human Sciences
  • Required Program
    • Professional Writing - Same program as above under Scholarship
  • National Priorities
    • Peer Mentoring Program
    • Ethics program by PSU President, Graham Spanier.
    • Kids & Careers
  • Other Programs
    • Yoga and Fitness: Health for Life
    • Etiquette Dinner - cues for professional role
  • Officer Training
    • Outgoing and incoming officers meet to discuss each position and what it entails. 
    • Every officer has a binder containing paperwork and contact information. These binders are passed on.
    • Hold an Officer Retreat at Adviser's home.
  • Program Planning & Follow-Through
    • Officers meet one week before each general meet to finalize plans.
    • The Officer Retreat completes the plans generated in the Spring.
    • Comment cards are used to gather member feedback.
  • Recruitment
    • An information session is held to explain KON and encourage acceptance of invitations.
    • The session is divided into majors so that current members and prospective members can share and personalize the information.
  • Alumni Relations
    • A Newsletter is sent to all alumni who support the chapter with dues
    • Alumni are placed on the member list-serve so they that can keep up with activities.
  • Tentative Plans for Next Year
    • Plans were made to conduct community service activities
    • Continue the mentoring program


2005 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Rho Chapter, East Tennessee State University

  • Promote Scholarship
    • Two members conducted an independent research study.
  • Promote Leadership
    • Conducted recruitment visits at home high school.
    • Participated in FACS phonathon
    • Participated on Dean's Student Advisory Forum
  • Required Program
    • A Matter of Honor program
  • National Priorities
    • A Matter of Ethics program
    • Kids & Careers presentation
  • Other Programs
    • Presented pictures to homeless and low-income shelter
    • Participated in department collaborative project to design and execute quilt that represents diversity of careers, curricula, and students within FACS.
  • Officer Training
    • The adviser conducted the officer training and planning session.
  • Program Planning & Follow-Through
    • The officers and the adviser worked together on the planning process.
  • Recruitment
    • All members and faculty promote KON and the honor and benefits of membership.
  • Alumni Relations
    • Alumni are invited to the Departmental Honors Banquet and are welcomed to chapter meetings..
  • Tentative Plans for Next Year
    • Plans are in progress for conducting a collaborate ethics program.


2005 Award Recipient - Kappa Delta Rho Chapter, Olivet Nazarene University

  • Promote Scholarship
    • FACS Portfolio Workshop
  • Promote Leadership
    • Conducted needs assessment survey
  • Required Program
    • Conducted FACS tour of organizations and businesses in Chicago area to explore possible careers, network with professionals, and explore leadership in diverse settings.
    • Tour of the Jacquelyn Kennedy: The White house Years Exhibit at the Field Museum.
  • Officer Training
    • Current officers explain roles to new officers, provide suggestions, share ideas, serve as mentors to prepare new officers for their roles.
  • Program Planning & Follow-Through
    • Program ideas were generated from a needs assessment survey. Members discuss the alternatives and select programs by a majority vote. Committees are organized to develop plans and implement them.
  • Recruitment
    • Posters about KON are hung in the Department 
    • All FACS majors receive an e-mail at the beginning of the membership drive describing the honor society and its qualifications.
    • Eligible students are mailed applications.
    • Current members encourage underclassmen to join.
  • Alumni Relations
    • KON Alumni are able to be "e-mentors" of undergraduate students interested in similar career fields. 
    • Upon graduation, KON members can sign-up for the program through the Olivet Nazarene University Counseling and Career Service Center.
    • Undergraduates are informed of the availability of the mentors and can communicate through e-mail with KON alumni.
  • Tentative Plans for Next Year
    • Plans were made to conduct the FACS Portfolio Workshop
    • A goal was set to provide an incentive for undergraduate research
    • Continue relationship with Carson Pirie Scott's Community Days Sale & Volunteer Work

2004 Award Recipient - Kappa Beta Xi Chapter, Carson-Newman College

  • Promote Scholarship
    • Student summaries of Undergraduate Student Research Papers from the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.
    • Papers submitted for the Scholars Award Competition were critiqued, and helpful suggestions were given to each author.
  • Promote Leadership
    • The RHA Action Wheel was used in a presentation by the Adviser to give students experience in framing issues and identifying the real problem.
    • Officers and committees were guided by the Adviser to conduct activities and meetings and manage the chapter. 
  • Required Program
    • The Empowerment PowerPoint Presentation found on the KON Web site was selected. Outcomes of empowerment, essence of empowerment, elements of empowerment, vision, and autonomy were discussed.
  • National Priorities
    • Commitment to Writing
    • Undergraduate Research Initiative
    • Leadership - Reflective Human Action Model
    • Kids & Career
  • Officer Training
    • Co-Presidents and Treasurer met with the adviser for training and planning to carry out the tentative plan designed the past spring. Topics were finalized, special events were discussed, and the agenda made for the first meeting. Specific officer responsibilities were discussed.
    • Secretary met with adviser to discussed process for writing, approving, and distributing minutes. 
  • Program Planning & Follow-Through
    • Program plans developed the previous spring changed a bit after attendance at Conclave and the introduction of the Kids & Careers focus, but the number of meetings did not change. The Co-Presidents met with the adviser about every two weeks to ensure progress.
  • Recruitment
    • One-hour information meeting for eligible students.
    • The Division offers visibility at the Required Majors Meeting in the beginning of the academic year.
    • The Intro to FCS features information about KON activities at the local and national levels.
    • The Alumni Newsletter features news about KON and is distributed to students.
    • The Freshman students achieving a 3.0 GPA are invited to the KON Initiation.
    • Pictures of initiates are featured on KON Bulletin Board and give visibility to the chapter. 
  • Alumni Relations
    • KON Alumni are informed of chapter activities through the Division Alumni Newsletter 
    • Thank you notes are sent to alums who support the chapter with chapter dues
    • The annual "Spend the Afternoon" with a KON alum recognizes contributions of alumni.
  • Tentative Plans for Next Year
    • Plans were made for 8 chapter meetings using the themes of Commitment to Writing, Undergraduate Research Writing, and RHA Leadership Model
    • Kick Off of Scholar's Award Writing Initiative with a session on Distinguishing Between Your Ideas and Others
    • Faculty research areas of interest and papers in progress
    • Importance of AAFCS Accreditation (Self-Study due September 2005)
    • Leadership and the New Science video and activities
    • Annual Required Program (not identified)


2004 Award Recipient - Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter, Eastern Illinois University

  • Promote Scholarship
    • Presentation about Child Care Resource and Referral Center
    • Presentation on graduate school and graduate assistantships
  • Promote Leadership
    • Speaker on Leadership at Initiation
    • Speaker on leadership principles and success
    • Service activities
  • Required Program
    • Kids & Careers project - development of projects for teaching 9-12 year olds about FCS careers
  • National Priorities
    • Career Opportunities - Panel Session on jobs in FCS field
    • Kids & Careers presentation
  • Other Programs
    • Panther Service Day participation - clean up campus and Charleston community
    • Supported American Cancer Society Walk
    • Supported March of Dimes Walk America
  • Officer Training
    • Outgoing and incoming officers exchanged materials, discussed duties, and gave suggestions for next year
    • New officers met to discuss meetings, emphasizing dates, speakers, and new ideas for increasing member participation.
  • Program Planning & Follow-Through
    • The Executive Board met to identify goals: 6-8 meetings, Fall and Spring initiations, Promotion of leadership on campus and in the community, increased alumni relations, increased member participation, and updating of We site. 
    • Before each official meeting, the Executive Board met and prepared the agenda, handouts, and worked on upcoming meetings
  • Recruitment
    • Presentation to undergraduates about KON, benefits, and opportunities for involvement
    • Officers and advisers worked collaboratively to send out formal invitations to prospective members
  • Alumni Relations
    • Alumni are informed of KON activities through the School newsletter.
    • A former alum was invited to present a session on graduate school.
  • Tentative Plans for Next Year
    • An officer retreat was planned for August to decide on new activities and community service projects.
    • Plans are in progress to continue Kids & Careers focus
    • Set a goal to work on national priorities of mentoring, diversity, and undergraduate research


* Annual Report Criteria will change for 2005-07. See



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