Professional and Alumni

KON Officer Orientation

Directions: The outgoing officers and advisers shall conduct orientation for the newly elected officers soon after election of officers. It would be useful to conduct the session in a location where there is access to the Internet. A 1.5-hour meeting will offer the opportunity to explore KON information resources and to make preliminary decisions regarding chapter leadership and programming for the next academic year.

KON Web Site –

New Member/Officer Orientation - short PowerPoint presentation

Conduct an overview of the Web site

  • About Us Volume -
  • Chapters Volume - See especially Required Program and Program Priorities & Awards and Forms for Chapters. Also note Chapter Award of Excellence (summaries of award reports) and Program Awards (summaries of award reports)

The URC and Initiatives Volumes give additional information

Conduct an overview of the President's Handbook - This resource, either the handbook or the Web site version, documents the Chapter responsibilities and National resources and services. The Chapter Handbook gives additional resources.

  • Leadership
  • Calendar
  • Duties of Chapter Officers
  • Leadership Development
  • Financial Accounting
  • Handbook for New Members
  • Program - Guidelines for Program Development
  • Forms
  • Awards
  • Rituals
  • Policies, including eligibility standards

Review National Resources for Chapters in the President's Handbook

Planning for Next Year

  • Review the Annual Report prepared by outgoing officers
  • Review recommendations of outgoing officers
  • Conduct one-on-one interaction of outgoing and incoming officers
  • Make preliminary decisions regarding
  • Specific duties and responsibilities of each officer
  • Process for program planning
  • Set meeting schedule for developing
  • Program for the next year
  • Chapter meeting calendar
  • Committee appointments
  • Communication system

National Expectations for Programming

  • 100% participation in a programming focus on scholarship, research, and/or leadership – at least one programming event in addition to initiation that focuses substantively on scholarship, research, or leadership development.
  • Member participation in needs assessment, goal setting, action planning, and collaborative implementation.
  • Annual review of chapter activities to determine changes to improve chapter effectiveness.
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