KON Committees

If you’re interested in helping, please apply and join us in building KON and the human sciences into the future. To volunteer, email us at [email protected]. We are also looking for volunteers for our Marketing Committee and Programming Committee.

Publications Committee

  • Cynthia Miller
  • Heather Colleran
  • Grace Chee
  • Sachiko Komagata
  • Fran Andrews
  • Brenda Martin

Award Review Committee

Much thanks to our reviewers who gave generously of their time and talent to review applicants.  
  • Bridget Clinton-Scott, PhD
  • Kitty Coffey, PhD, CFCS
  • Gwen Lucas-Gordon, Dr.
  • Mary Molt, PhD, RD, LD
  • Joni Roh, EdD, AT
  • Janelle Walter, PhD
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