Kappa Omicron Nu Board of Directors Duties

All members: KON’s Board of Directors directs the strategic course of the organization. All board members are bound by legal duties of care, obedience, and loyalty.

A standard board term is a two-year duration. All board members are expected to:

  • Attend all board meetings (Currently 1.5 hours every other month. Virtually.)
  • Attend the board strategic planning meeting (1-2 days once annually, in January or February)
  • Be active members: attend Conclave/Assembly of Delegates meeting (once annually), pay dues, support the organization.
  • Act as representatives for their segment of membership: such as students, professionals, advisers, retirees, or different fields within the human sciences.
  • Fulfill any requirements of their office (such as the Treasurer is expected to review financial statements, the Chair meets regularly with the Executive Director.)
  • Assist with other duties as needed to accomplish honor society priorities. This may include such tasks as: acting as representative for the organization in attending an installation or national initiation, assisting with committee support, leading or guiding work groups, or other duties as needed.

Chair: Preside at all meetings of the Assembly of Delegates and Board of Directors. Serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee and provide leadership of the Society on behalf of the members.

Chair-Elect: Preside in the absence of the Chair and fill any vacancy in the office of Chair. Acts as understudy to Chair and becomes Chair rotationally.

First Vice Chair: The First Vice Chair shall fill any vacancy in the office of Chair-Elect and Chair in even years. Other duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors to accomplish Society priorities.

Second Vice Chair: Other duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors to accomplish Society priorities.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Board of Directors meetings, Assembly of Delegates, and the Conclave Business meeting. Digital copies of minutes are then sent to the administrative office for distribution and safekeeping. Other duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors to accomplish Society priorities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for oversight of the financials for the organization. This includes reviewing monthly financial statements, review of the proposed budget, and ensuring that taxes are annually filed.

Student Board Members: The Student Board Members shall serve as fully participating members of the Board of Directors. This includes attending meetings and being responsive during summer months.

Student board members

Student board members (L to R) Grace Chee, Brittany Cowdery, and Megan Jackson

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