Professional and Alumni

Board of Directors

Each member of the Board of Directors shares responsibility for the following functions:

  • Represent the ownership and the diversity of the membership.
  • Develop governing policies that concern ends, executive limitations, board process, and board/executive director relations.
  • Emphasize strategic leadership, a future orientation, and proactivity rather than reactivity.
  • Assure effective management.

Comments of Former Officer

Serving on the KON Board was a unique experience that provided me the opportunity to serve the Human Sciences and experience both professional and personal growth. During the time I was on the Board we adopted a new governance system which gave board members direct involvement in development of policy for the organization. This structure moved the discussion at board meetings to a new and higher level of interaction. A particularly exciting activity during my term as board chair was the installation of a new chapter. The pride of the students, faculty, and college administrators in the new honor society was evident and made me feel honored to be part of KON. The same spirit was evident at each conclave, and as a board member involved in the planning and activity of this meeting I was invigorated by the interaction of collegiate and alumni members. Board membership is a significant responsibility and one that I was fortunate to have experienced.

--Anne Weiner

Application for Board of Directors

File application with Kappa Omicron Nu

On a separate sheet, include:



Telephone (home and work):



Official Title of Current Position:

Degrees and College/University:

Chapter affiliation:

Brief Biographical Sketch - Previous officer and committee contributions to Kappa Omicron Nu or predecessors and other organizations (participation and/or office):

Brief Narrative: Explain your philosophy as it relates to the Kappa Omicron Nu mission of empowered leaders.


Eligibility Requirements

Previous service as Kappa Omicron Phi, Omicron Nu, or Kappa Omicron Nu chapter officer, national committee chairperson or member, participant at Conclave, chapter adviser, or alumni chapter officer.

Active membership status for a minimum of the preceding twelve months.

Description of Office


Term: one year as Chair-Elect and two years as Chair.

As Chair-Elect, serves in the absence of the chair and fills any vacancy in the office of chair.

As Chair, presides at meetings, serves as ex officio member of all committees except nominating.

As Chair, provides leadership of the organization on behalf of the members.

First Vice Chair

Term: two years.

Fills any vacancy in the office of chair-elect and chair (in even years).

Assumes duties as assigned to accomplish honor society priorities.

Second Vice Chair

Term: Two years.

Assumes duties as assigned to accomplish honor society priorities.


Term: Two years.

Records all proceedings of meetings and decisions made by mail ballots.

Serves as historian and maintains policies and procedures handbook.


Attend Annual Board Meeting each January.

Attend Conclave during term.

Provide leadership at Conclave.

Study and practice the KON governance model and policies including policy governance responsibilities of Board members.

Accept roles (according to interests) in implementation of annual plan of action.

Review bimonthly reports from the Executive Director.

Participate in evaluation of achievements of annual plan of action.

Kappa Omicron Nu Support of Board Members

Expenses for Board Meetings and Conclave shall be reimbursed according to an approved schedule.

Other expenses incurred shall be reimbursed according to approved policies and budget.

Advantages of Office

Leadership development opportunities.

Personal development.

Involvement with leaders in the field of family and consumer sciences.

Opportunity to promote Kappa Omicron Nu and the holistic nature of the profession.

Opportunity to enhance scholarship, research, and leadership in the profession.

State-of-the-art organizational development knowledge applicable to professional life.

Professional enhancement.

Broadened horizons.

Networking with chapters and members nationwide.

Flexible time commitment as determined by individual interests.

Support by National Office staff to carry out responsibilities.

In other words, the board position has advantages and benefits personally and professionally.


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