KON Awards Program

The following awards are presented to Kappa Omicron Nu chapters, advisers, and students in recognition of excellence.


The Adviser Award of Excellence recognizes a chapter adviser who has made outstanding contributions to the honor society in the role of adviser.

Current or outgoing advisers of collegiate chapters are eligible for this award. An adviser cannot repeat as a recipient during a five-year interval after the award. Chapters in good standing (who have completed all chapter expectations) qualify to nominate an adviser.

To apply, submit the Adviser Expectations checklist (completed), and nomination form to [email protected]. Applications are now open and are due September 15th, 2022.

The form shall be accompanied by three letters of support from chapter officers, chapter members, faculty members, and administrators familiar with the operation and activities of the chapter.

The winner will receive a commemorative plaque and up to $500.00 and will be recognized in the KON Dialogue newsletter and at KON Conclave.


The Chapter Award of Excellence recognizes excellence in programming and chapter management.

To be eligible for a national award, the chapter will have met all Chapter Expectations.

To apply, submit the Chapter Expectations checklist (completed) to [email protected]. Applications are open for submission April 1, submissions are now open and are due September 15th, 2022.

Winning chapters will receive a commemorative plaque and $50-$200 and will be recognized at KON Conclave and in the KON Dialogue.


The Student Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding scholarship, research, and leadership at the chapter level, and empowers chapters to take initiative in recognizing students.

Each chapter may award three (3) Award of Excellence certificates each year to students for activities related to KON’s mission in a method of their own choice. The criteria and procedure for granting each award shall be approved by the unit administrator or designated faculty committee.

The following are examples of appropriate awards:

  • Highest GPA for junior and senior
  • Outstanding undergraduate research project
  • Outstanding leadership
  • Graduate Student Highest GPA
  • Outstanding thesis or dissertation
  • Outstanding leadership in the community
  • Outstanding contribution to chapter
  • Outstanding researcher
  • New initiate award of excellence

Each chapter shall recognize recipients of the Student Award of Excellence through chapter social media, campus awards recognition events, bulletin boards, or similar means.

Each chapter shall appoint an awards committee to select recipients according to established criteria.

Order certificates from Kappa Omicron Nu’s national office.


Past Award Recipients

Chapter Award of Excellence – Annual Report Summaries of awards – 2004-2009

Adviser Award of Excellence: 2021 Linda Bruner, Auburn University

Program Awards – Descriptions of Chapter applications for Program Awards (2001 – 2009)

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