Chapter Benchmarks

All evaluations are for the current or immediate past academic year only. Applications listing accomplishments for multiple years will be discarded. Please use as a checklist, marking each item Yes (Y), No (N), or Not Applicable (NA)
  Registered appropriately with school
  Chapter bylaws are up to date and comply with national bylaws
  Completed this year’s Financial Report with national office
  Completed this year’s Chapter B report with national office
  Completed this year’s Chapter A report with national office
  All initiate fees / payment information is current with headquarters
  Existing bank or financial accounts deposits are current
  Retain chapter records
  Conduct information session (optional)
  Elect officers
  Train officers
  Select, invite, and initiate members
  Decide on goals for chapter in annual activitites
  Evaluate last year’s activities for effectiveness before selecting new programming
  Plan annual chapter activities
  Chapter completed a minimum of four activities per year
     One initiation completed
     One required program / service project completed
  At least one chapter member participated in national conference (Conclave)
  At least one chapter adviser or faculty participated in national conference (Conclave)
  Faculty participate or support chapter activities

Programming: The national office asks all chapters to hold a minimum of four events a year (ideally two in spring, two in fall). One can be initiation, and one can be a service activity. The other two events are up to the chapter. Information sessions for prospective members, and officer orientation do not count as one of the four activities. Meetings can be virtual, in person, or a combination of both. National activities (Conclave) may be listed on a chapter’s calendar of events, but do not count toward the four events the chapter holds. Participation in a national virtual initiation does count toward the four.

Initiation: The Initiation Ceremony should be solemn in nature and impart dignity, inspiration, and a lasting impression.

Evaluation: Chapters are asked to review the previous year’s programming before selecting new programming. Evaluation should consider feedback – attendance and member satisfaction. As well the review should include what came out of the event both in terms of member learning and development or in community development. Chapter leaders should also consider their own goals, such as increasing membership, adding a fundraising component to support their chapter in the long term, hold more events, or try a new service project.

Leadership: Chapters advisers are in encouraged to get things done, but to also get things done by delegating and empowering student leadership. New advisers or advisers recolonizing chapters will more likely to do more hands on work. Seasoned advisers are encouraged to transition students into work roles, to give them the chance to lead and learn.

Environment: The chapter is a safe and comfortable place accessible to all students meeting KON eligibility requirements. Each KON chapter should be known for their commitment to scholarship, leadership, research, and service. KON chapters should provide an option for students to develop leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment.
Chapter does not exclude persons from membership, leadership roles, or participation based on religion, race, gender, disability, sexual preference, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic not related to eligibility requirements

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