Adviser Benchmarks

Please use as a checklist, marking each item Yes (Y), No (N), or Not Applicable (NA)
        Adviser from chapter participated in at least one adviser training program (if offered)
  Aware of KON national guidelines in bylaws, handbook, and any other communications
  Involves co-advisers and school faculty
  Build group feeling and purpose.
  Supports team building, building networks, and a supportive environment.
  Helps students set, create plans to achieve, and achieve chapter goals, both annual and long term
  Mentors students and gives supportive feedback
  Models leadership
  Practices ethical behavior, and supports members practicing ethical behavior
  Coaches individuals in their chapter duties
  Celebrate accomplishments and recognize leadership
  Helps students attract and initiate new members
  Conduct officer election, implementation, & training
  Helps plan chapter activities and adhere to calendar
  Gets students to lead chapter activities
  Helps students conduct effective meetings
  Provides ideas and solutions for the chapter when needed
  Establishes and adhere to budget
  Manages financial resources
  Maintain chapter records
  Communicate effectively
  Collaborates with other organizations when appropriate

Conducting Meetings: If chapters are large and conducting casual meetings has proven problematic, advisers are encouraged to introduce the chapter to parliamentary procedures, such as Roberts Rules of Order.

Student feedback: Gives students positive feedback in public, and negative feedback privately and framed constructively and on improvement.

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