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About Audrey Burkhart

Audrey Burkart was from Ridgefield, NJ. She earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from New York University and a Doctorate from Columbia University in the field of Nutrition and Home Economics. She taught at Ridgefield High School and Rutgers University where she then became the Head of the Nutrition and Home Economics Department. Audrey loved cooking and embroidery, and her faith was important to her. She was an active volunteer and a good friend. She was a Kappa Omicron Nu from Omicron Beta Alpha at Rutgers University.

Scholarship Details

To honor the generous gift of Audrey Burkhart, this scholarship assists potential members who would like to join KON but have financial hardship. Potential members are current students of any collegiate level (undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral).

This fund intends to subsidize national initiation fees for up to 100 new initiates by paying $55. The current national charge for initiation in 2024 is $60, reducing the cost of joining to $5 with scholarship support. Students should be aware that many chapters also have a chapter initiation fee, often around $15-$20 which would still be due to their chapter.

Some schools have scholarships or funds that might be used to support initiation fees such as the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), or Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), or funds from their departments. These may better serve all students in their chapter. Note that a chapter may not both receive a scholarship reduction of dues and also receive other financial support both for initiation.


Audrey Burkhart Financial Need Scholarship Application Form

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