Adviser Mentor Program

We are looking for seasoned KON advisers to share their experience.

  • Who:  Seasoned KON advisers willing to be Mentors
  • What: Share the secrets to your success and challenges you have faced
  • Where:  You setup with your mentee
  • When:  Time that works best for you and your mentee

Adviser mentors will be paired with new adviser mentees. An adviser mentee could be in a new chapter, reestablished chapter, struggling chapter, or just a new adviser of any chapter that needs support (not all chapters are the same size or have the same resources and history!).

Mentors are partnered with new adviser mentees for a period of one year. During this time mentors are asked to initiate and reach out to mentees, periodically offer guidance on how to run a chapter and its programming, how to engage chapter leadership, and any other workings of being a chapter adviser. Mentors are asked to reach out to mentees between monthly and quarterly, although most pairings may evolve into more of a contact-when-needed relationship as the year goes on. Support and guidance will be needed more during the beginning of the academic year for planning purposes and spring semester for program evaluation and improvements.

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