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Call for Papers

Call for Papers
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the journal of Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society


Topic: Legacies for the Future

Guest Editor: Dr. Sharon Y. Nickols, University of Georgia

Objectives - This theme will

Record the accomplishments of leaders in family and consumer sciences and all of its specializations, including the following:

  • Leaders from various racial and ethnic groups;
  • Leaders in the fields of education at all levels, business and industry, and public service agencies, thus emphasizing the venues for applying the knowledge and practicing the philosophy of family and consumer sciences;

Draw implications about the legacy of past leaders for the future of the family and consumer sciences profession with emphasis on conditions and policy-shaping research, instruction, and service.

Inspire professionals to make contributions to the field.

Overview - Legacies for the Future focuses on the history of family and consumer sciences (domestic science and home economics) by "telling the stories" of leaders who responded to societal needs and intellectual challenges and who helped to shape the programs of study, the research, the policy Initiatives, and the practice of their times. In other words, this theme hopes to capture the legacies of leaders in domestic science and those who shaped the field as it evolved in the United States through 1985. Without a written record of the contributions of past leaders, the history of a profession will be lost. Because the past often points the way for the future, the thinking and actions of past leaders can provide insights to those currently in the field of family and consumer sciences. Understanding the context of events is more readily achieved when the work of leaders is documents with reference to the challenges they faced.

Information and Deadline - Kappa Omicron FORUM is a refereed publication outlet for both members and nonmembers.

Manuscripts will be accepted until further notice for a possible fourth issue. See Guidelines for Authors.

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To assure breadth of biographical sketches, each author is asked to file a proposed name with the guest editor at (706) 542-4879 in advance of preparing the manuscript.