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Member Spotlight - May 2012

Carmel Parker White

Carmel Parker WhiteCarmel Parker White, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the department of Child Development and Human Family Relations in the College of Human Ecology at East Carolina University.  Dr. White earned a Ph.D. in Life Span Human Development from Kansas State University. She joined East Carolina University in 2006 and her research focus has been on mothers with chronic autoimmune illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Because many individuals with chronic illnesses also have high levels of fatigue, she has become interested in maternal sleep and fatigue. Awarded the KON Ruth E. Hawthorne Research Grant, Dr. White is collecting pilot data on the impact of disrupted sleep and its relationship to cortisol, proinflammatory cytokines, maternal fatigue, and parenting behavior. In this study, mothers of toddlers complete a sleep diary, take saliva samples that will be analyzed for cortisol levels and cytokines, and are given a computer program that consists of a toddler crying every two hours. Mothers start the program when they go to bed, and then a toddler’s cry wakes them up every two hours throughout the night. Saliva samples are taken the day before and the day after the disrupted night sleep.

Dr. White thoroughly enjoys working with students on research and has published a number of articles with students. She has previously served as a faculty co-advisor to KON at Kansas State University. She also has presented at the national KON meeting on “The Role of Research and Writing in Career Advancement,” which was intended to encourage students to get involved in research. In 2010, she received the Scholar-Teacher Award, an award that acknowledges faculty members at East Carolina University who demonstrate an integration of scholarship and teaching in their work.


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