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Member Spotlight - December 2011

Katarzyna Kordas

Katarzyna KordasDr. Katarzyna Kordas is an assistant professor of nutritional sciences at the Pennsylvania State University.  She earned a PhD in International Health with a concentration in nutrition from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  She has been a KON member since 2009 and is the faculty advisor of KON Tau Chapter at Penn State.  Dr. Kordas mentors graduate and undergraduate students, and is committed to promoting research careers for young women.

Dr. Kordas studies the independent and combined effects of micronutrient deficiencies and environmental metal exposures on children's cognitive and behavioral development. The specific focus of her research group is on iron deficiency and lead exposure as examples of the nutrient-metal interactions, but the group is also interested in other nutrient-metal pairs, like manganese and iron or cadmium and iron.  Dr. Kordas and her group have the goal of understanding whether children who experience micronutrient deficiencies are more susceptible to the effects of toxic metals and if the effects of metal exposures can be prevented or alleviated with nutritional interventions.  Dr. Kordas and one of her graduate students are current recipients of the KON Research Grant entitled “Assessment of manganese excretion in breastfed and formula fed infants.


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