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Integration by Design: : Forming a Community of Practice to Develop the Philosophical Foundation of Integration

What is the rationale for this project?

The human sciences claim the unique feature of an integrative and holistic approach to practice, but there is little current practice that confirms this. Thus, Kappa Omicron Nu has set the goal of contributing to the philosophical foundation of integration through a community of practice.

What are the goals of the Integration by Design Community of Practice?

The goals are to

  • Develop a White Paper – Integration Defined
  • Announce initiative
  • Identify professionals for participation
  • Establish an action plan: who, what, when, and how
  • Develop an IT infrastructure
  • Identify grants & sample proposal
  • Produce some products
    • A clearinghouse of resources
    • Annotated bibliography
    • Philosophical papers
    • Database of case studies
    • Medial productions