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The Department Chair (Anker Publishing, PO Box 249, Bolton, MA 01749-0249)

     Winter 2000 (10) 3

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Wheeler. Critical components of departmental success, 25.

     Fall 1999 (10) 2

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Urice. Nontenure-track faculty: Facing the challenge, 9.

     Fall 1998 (9) 2

Perlman & McCann. Retaining and mentoring new colleagues, 15.

     Spring 1998 (8) 4

Altman. From "my work" to "our work": Rationale for shift in emphasis, 6.

North. Department focus for developmental post-tenure review, 13.

Perlman & McCann. The nuts and bolts of faculty recruitment, Part II: The campus visit through the search completion, 16.

     Winter 1998 (8) 3

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     Fall 1997 (8) 2

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Byrd. Building effective work teams, 9.

     Summer 1997 (8) 1

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Stratton, S. S., Wootton, L. H., & Mitstifer, D. I. (2000). Self-Managed Mentoring: An online course. East Lansing, MI: Kappa Omicron Nu.

Stratton, S. S., & Mitstifer, D. I. (2001). An online course: Reflective Human Action. East Lansing, MI: Kappa Omicron Nu.


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