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Topic: International Home Economics Leaders (FCS, Human Sciences, Human Ecology)

Guest Editor: Dr. Sue L. T. McGregor Professor Emerita (MSVU)

Objectives: This special issue will celebrate professionals from the international (non-U.S.) community who have contributed to the global advancement of home economics, family and consumer sciences, human sciences, human ecology and the varied fields therein.

Authors can profile educators, administrators and managers, human service and business professionals, researchers, and others in the multiple practice settings and content areas who have contributed to the development of the field of study and practice, as well as to theoretical and philosophical aspects of the field.

Overview: It is not uncommon for home economics (FCS/human sciences/human ecology) associations, journals and books to publish profiles of practitioners who have left a legacy for the profession (see examples at Bubolz, 2002; McGregor, 2009, 2014; and Joyce B. Miles' blog about Ellen Swallow Richards Indeed, KON FORUM has published three special issues that showcase legacies: Vol. 9 Issue 2 (1996), Vol. 10 Issue 1 (1997) and Vol. 11 Issue 2 (2000) (see  

This special issue focuses on people who are seen as living legacies, contemporary practitioners who are making a difference by leading the field forward, in new directions.  Some home economists are changing things on the home front (local, national and regional), and others are leading change at the international, global level, or both. This special issue will showcase international leaders who are currently shaping the profession through their philosophies, theories, practice, policy work, research, extension efforts, education initiatives, industry and enterprise, development work, and the like.

As authors prepare their papers, they are encouraged to share information about the leader's family of origin (birth, marriage et cetera), as it pertains to sharing their story, as well as background on their education (including degrees, scholastic achievements, and other anecdotes). The profile could include their dreams and aspirations for the profession and what they did or are doing to make those happen. Tracing their career path will likely provide an anchor for key contributions to the profession as would insights about their mentors and early and emergent influences on their professional life. Community involvement, as it pertains to their work as a home economist, is also germane. The bulk of the paper, however, would focus on their major contributions to advancing the profession. It could include some exciting combination of the following, but especially the first bullet:

  • an overview of the major conceptual, research, policy, practice et cetera contributions
  • all positions of substantial responsibility requiring education and experience (the time spent in a career area should be sufficient to allow for achievement and contributions to the field)
  • identification and description in reasonable detail of significant/meritorious achievement of this leader
  • description of the visibility of this leader as evidenced by leadership roles and/or by research activities, publications, or other documented works
  • a list and description of recognition and awards from professional organizations
  • a list and documentation of the leader's public service, public interests, recognitions, and awards
  • evidence of personal qualities that distinguish her/him in both personal and professional roles
  • other related information that will enrich the profile.

Discussion: Recently, KON issued a Call for Proposals for an upcoming book titled Leaders in Family and Consumer Sciences (in collaboration with Joan McFadden and Ruth Ann Ball), see The book will focus on FCS leaders in the United States. This special issue of KON FORUM, with its focus on international leaders, will run in tandem with the current book initiative. It is possible that the papers published in this special issue might become part of a separate book on international FCS leaders.

Information and Deadline: Kappa Omicron Nu Forum is a refereed publication outlet for both members and non-members. Manuscripts will be accepted until further notice. Further information and the "Guidelines for Authors" can be found at  or contact:

Dr. Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Editor, 1749 Hamilton Road, Suite 106, Okemos, MI 48864
Telephone: (517) 351-8335 • E-mail:                

Sue McGregor, Guest Editor, Telephone: (902) 823-2625 •  E-mail


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McGregor, S. L. T. (2009). International conceptualizations of a 21st century vision of the profession. Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, 18(1)

McGregor, S. L. T. (2014).  Marjorie Brown's philosophical legacy: Contemporary relevance. Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, 19(1)